Reputation Bobak supports Barletta in the governor’s race

HARVEYS LAKE – State Secretary Karen Bobak, R-Harveys Lake, has announced that she has approved former Hazelton Mayor and Congressman Lou Barlett in a Republican nomination in the presidential race for governor of Pennsylvania.

Referring to Barletta’s experience and reputation, Bobak joins Senator Lisa Baker, Township R-Lehman, and MP Aaron Kaufer of R-Kingston, as lawmakers supporting Barletta’s campaign.

“I’ve known Lou Barlett for many years, going back to when he was mayor of Hazelton, and I know he has the experience and the experience to become a great governor just when we need it most,” Bobak said. “Lou will be a strong conservative leader who will revive our economy, uphold our constitutional freedoms and represent the values ​​of this great Commonwealth. It will be a strong voice for taxpayers and revitalize our energy industries while protecting our precious environment. Creating well-paid jobs for our citizens is an integral part of his campaign and a priority for our state. I will vote for Lou Barlett on May 17, and I enthusiastically support him as governor of Pennsylvania. “

Barletta said it was a great honor for him to receive the approval of Bobak’s representative.

“Pennsylvania is at a crossroads, and our Commonwealth is facing serious challenges,” Barletta said. “As governor, I will fight for lower property taxes, cheaper gas prices, better roads and more accountable state government to taxpayers. I am very happy because my campaign has such an impetus, and I look forward to the return of our Commonwealth to the right path as soon as I become governor. ”

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