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It was here just a minute ago.

You held it in your hand, you put it on for a second, and that’s not where you left it. This is a constant search for things that you are ridiculous, funny; just have to admit it’s awkward. At least, as in Janet Evanovich’s new novel The Healing Agent. you lost it in this century.

Her grandmother said “Annie” wanted her to find the treasure.

That’s what Gabrielle Rose said every time she called home. “Annie” was sorry that the bad weather destroyed Gabriela’s hometown. “Annie” wanted the village rebuilt for money from hidden treasures. The problem was that Scoon, South Carolina, couldn’t wait long for any rescue, and “Annie” had been dead for centuries.

But still. Gabriela’s grandmother swore that under Annie’s former bedroom in the house now owned by Gabriela’s ex-husband, Raffer, there was a map, and it led to an ancient treasure that was buried four centuries ago. For a recovery agent like Gabriela, who earned her living by “recovering” anything, anywhere, for the price of stealing a possibly hidden card from under the floorboards of an uninhabited house on St. Vincent Island. t be hard.

That’s right. Except that Rafer caught her at the burglary and the entrance, and he wanted to have fun. Maybe he also wanted Gabriella to be in his bed again.

The good news: the map was real. The bad news: Raffer’s control was easier than retrieving the treasure. The map led to Machu Picchu and a valley that could only be reached through a slice of limestone. Fortunately, the help was: Rafer hired two guides, one of whom had an uncle who grew coffee and cocaine. Gabriela knew they were looking for a “dragon” and finding him was the first step to the treasure, but the dragon was not a dragon.

With a tattooed face and greed in his eyes, El Dragon prayed to the god Supai, who was very unhappy and would soon require sacrifice. El Dragon (real name Leon Nadali) would do anything to please Soupa again.

He just needed permission to kill Gabrielle Rose first …

Speaking of the former, “stupid” may be the word you think of when you run “Recovery Agent”. Favorite author Janet Evanovich opens her new series with a new heroine, a new cast, as well as a lot of far-fetched and excessive. Fortunately, Evanovich’s supporters know that a fool is the right way to start a great story.

It’s something like this: let’s say you nominated an Indy Jones woman to star in a remake of “It’s Crazy, Crazy, Crazy, Crazy World,” add heavy weapons and some McGiver action. Scatter the pages of deadly snakes and the romance of outstretched arms, as well as warm water, ghost and voila! Just what you want: fast, smart, fun fun.

Read this book before recommending it to your book club. Maybe this quick story will not suit everyone, but if you are a fan of Stephanie Plum Evanovich, you will like this new series. As a perfect escapism, The Recovery Agent is a book in which you can lose yourself.

“Recovery Agent” Janet Evanovich, 2022, Atrium, 320 pages, $ 28.99

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