👋 Congratulations [back]!!

:11 1:11 Juice Bar opens today (April 1) in Southside. The diner serves cocktails and healthy snacks, and in May is scheduled to open downtown.

📦 Brillobox is back to that in them drips Bloomfield. The closing of the bar was a big blow to the locals at the beginning of COVID, but they came back and started adding concerts to their calendar again.

🍕 Pizza Caliente opens today (April 1) at the former Sharp Edge Creekhouse in Kraftan. Caliente too captured the location of Sharp Edge Sewickley when that chain stopped last year. (Editor’s note: my first job in Pittsburgh was at Creekhouse! Glad to see it rediscovered in some form.)

🍺 Fermata Brewing Company now serve ale in Umbridge. They join changed the genius of brewing co. in the Merchant Street business district, which is increasingly happening.

🌯 Halal Guys Network gyroscope and chicken restaurants have opened their 100th store in the country on Forbes Avenue in Auckland.

🍕 The former Parkway Tavern in Monroeville now Brewery in Luciano. The brewery combines freshly brewed beer with Luciano’s pizzaa combination already familiar to visitors on Mars.

🥪 Lucy Bahn Mi. pressing fresh sandwiches in a strip again. Favorite pop-up next to Bar Marco has been operating for more than a decade, with the exception of recent closures.

🌇 Over Eden on 40th Street in Lawrenceville reopened. A rooftop platform with great views, located above the TRYP Hotel in the former Washington Vocational School, opens its grand opening tonight (April 1).

Rat Scratch & Co. accepts reservations again on Troy Mountain after a short break.

🎳 Pins x Pint now open on the North Shore and has a bowling alley. This is great news for those (such as your humble Incline director) who are still grieving loss Games N’at.

🍺 Tube City Brew Works is now serving beer and food at McKeesport. The brewery and sports bar is one of several reasons for cautious optimism in a long-suffering city.

🍩 Valkyrie donuts are now falling huge square donuts in Bellevue. The decadent bakery menu is completely free of eggs and dairy, and they have continued to collaborate with other local businesses such as Necromancer Brewing Co.

🍜 Yum Yum Asian cuisine announced the opening date on April 5th for its location on Castle Shannon Boulevard in Mount Lebanon.

Check out this delicious breakfast from Tube City Brew Works.

😀 See you soon

🍺 Arboretum Trail Brewing Co. going to take over the former Couch Brewing location in Larimer / Highland Park. The brewery started in a garage in Pleasant Hills and was used Closing the couch at the beginning of the year to make the leap to a larger system.

🌯 Large Burrito restaurant group opening of the second Alta Via downtown on the Market Square. The restaurant will feature the same handmade pasta and Italian wood-fired dishes as the Fox Chapel. Although an exact date has not been set, the big Burrito expects to open a 140-seat restaurant in early 2023.

🍸 Bottlerocket Social Hall, Bar and Comedy Club, occupies the former St. George’s Lyceum in Allentown, where the Arlington Beverage Club used to be. The first drinks they plan to serve are on May 1.

🌮 Condado, a Columbus-based taco net, adds two more stores in Pittsburgh. Their East Liberty location near Target is expected to open in August, and another in Cranberry – in September.

🍺 Coven Brewing will quickly enchant the former cowshed on Butler Street The brewery plans to maintain a long-standing food supply program. The roundabout continues to work their window on the river in the Chateau.

🍺 East End brewing is in progress opened a room in Lebanon. Pizzas from East End Chewing will also be on site, as will their location in Larimer. A date has not yet been set, as the brewery says the Washington Road location is “essentially an empty box.”

Really (in German “real”) Coffee shop brings freshly roasted beans, tasting spirits and gourmet dishes to Mount Oliver later this year.

🥗 Eat your vegetables restaurant “vegetable forward”. debut scheduled for 2022 at Deutschtown.

🐷 Snacks, Le Porc, are coming to the Highline in the Southside. Currently, the restaurant is waiting for a license for alcoholic beverages, which will allow them to serve wine pairs with cheese and meat.

🍺 Loleva beer is under construction their brewery Upper Lawrenceville. Opening date not set for accommodation yet.

👀 Mezcal Mexican Cantina hung a sign on the window near Row House Cinema in Lawrenceville. Not a word yet when they open.

🇹🇹 Shado Benny has received permission and will serve vegan dishes of Trinidadian cuisine later this month of their Northside showcases.

🍣 The terminal in Strip is planned to get local asian food hall. Food Hall Owners Mike Chen (of Daily noodles) and Alex Tan Mol in East Liberty) reached a lease agreement with McCaffery. This will probably be good news for locals frustrated by McCaffer’s track record attracting businesses from outside Pittsburgh.

🍺 Fermentation of Velum is breathed new life into the former Duquesne Brewery in Southside. The brewery unearthed old Duquesne memorabilia and deftly reuse transport materials from their fermentation tanks produce furniture for your toilet.

Bottle caps from Duquesne beer.
Fermentation of Velum unearthed some treasures while preparing their boil.

😮 H-h-changes

🍷 Allegheny wine mixer has new owners whose other projects will be familiar to Lawrence’s colleagues. Domenico Braduts, who opened Pica Fornaand Roger Lee, Tamari’s former executive chef, has acquired a cozy spot with former owner Jamie Patten, who will work until the restaurant’s 10th anniversary as a consultant.

🍕 Garfield go to Spak Bros. has expanded its menu and is now supplying using UberEats. Their delivery menu includes vegan options like their satan cheesecake hoagie.

😭 Goodbye

🥪 An old institution in the city center Sammy’s famous bacon closed his door March 25 after 35 years in business. COVID, inconsistent pedestrian traffic in the city center and the usual supply chain and staffing problems forced the owners to make a difficult decision.

🍜 China Lin in Upper Lawrenceville was forced to close after their landlord refused to extend their lease. Their last working day was March 25th. (Editor’s note: it was our favorite local Chinese place. RIP 😢)

🥗 Viridis, vegan place Southside, closed shop March 27 Based on customer reactionsthey leave significant gourmet shoes on Carson Street.

🍠 Bloomfield Lunch with bitter ends closes at the end of the month and celebrate one last event Clownburger 20.4. However, according to them, Thyme Machine will take place after.

See what we missed? Let us know – send an email to [email protected] and we can update the web message with the April stroke. In May we will have more news about food!

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