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I missed the boat when it comes to investing in Wd-40, then duct tape, and I’m worried it’s too late to pour the batter into Zip Ties. I use their mass around the house for spring projects.

I guess I could have better foreseen the possibility.

If that were the case, I would wear a hat more often and have less meal on my feet. If you don’t have hair, the old dome is a magnet for low-hanging obstacles.

Indeed, when it comes to law enforcement, some of the best officers serve Adams County.

Adams-York Waterway Officer Rachel Turner-Diaz deservedly received the Gerald L. Greiner Award for Environmental Protection from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.

Greiner is awarded annually by the WTO, which best represents the ideals of “Resource First” – protecting, conserving and improving the Commonwealth’s water resources.

In 2021, Turner Diaz, whose county includes Adams and West York counties in the south-central region, investigated 12 environmental incidents, including four pollution cases and eight waterway violations. One high-profile investigation in York County resulted in the offender paying more than $ 50,000 in compensation.

In 2020, PFBC named Turner-Diaz its Northeastern Law Enforcement Association employee of the year.

There are a lot of awards outdoors.

The Trout Unlimited Division of Adams County received an environmental award in 2022 from the Gettysburg House and Adams County.

Recognition is recognized for outstanding volunteer efforts on behalf of the environment.

The Chamber said many activities within the branch led to the proclamation of the ACTU. Of particular note is the ACTU’s role in the biennium, the purchase and conservation of 58 acres along the Konevoy Creek and in the fishing and fly fishing section.

The property has been transferred to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, and ACTU will support it.

• The first fatal boat death in Pennsylvania in 2022 was a 68-year-old man who fell overboard from a 14-foot open motorboat while fishing in Swather Creek in Dauphin County. He died on the evening of May 4 and was not wearing a life jacket.

• While there are about 15 million red cardinals in the United States, experts say there are only 10-15 yellow cardinals in North America. Have you seen one?

• You are old when as a child the rotator was a pencil and a ruler with a hole in the middle.

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