Rob Kardashian missed his sister’s wedding because of privacy concerns Celebrities

Rob Kardashian was not present at his sister’s wedding because he “does not like the spectacle.”

Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker recently got married in Portofino, Italy, but Rob chose not to attend the star ceremony in the picturesque location as it has become “extremely private” in recent years.

A source said: “Rob didn’t feel comfortable attending Courtney’s wedding because he didn’t like the spectacle.

“It’s just not his business, and he’s become an extremely private person.”

Despite this, Courtney was not upset about Rob because she understood the reasons for his decision.

An insider reported E! News: “Courtney and the whole family fully understand. Courtney did not expect Rob to be present and knows that in any case she has his support.”

The 35-year-old Rob is also excited to celebrate with Courtney when she returns to the US.

The source added: “[Rob] was missed, but there in spirit.

Scott Disick, Courtney’s former partner, had previously admitted that Rob never wanted to be famous.

The 38-year-old TV star called Rob “one of the greatest guys”, but explained that it was difficult for him to cope with fame.

Scott, who has 12-year-old Mason, nine-year-old Penelope and seven-year-old Raine of Courtney, said in 2016: “Sometimes things get tough, especially when you get in the spotlight very quickly. Your whole life is changing very fast. He was just out of college and then he quickly became famous and I think for him it was a lot.

“I don’t think that was the path he wanted to go and he just got in the middle of it. He’s one of the greatest guys I know. He has a good heart and he’s just an amazing guy all over the world ”.


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