Rock Hall recruits are a regular mixed bag

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has unveiled its 2022 class. It’s a predictable mixed package, accompanied by months of speculation and the usual dose of controversy since the nominees were announced in early February.

In the category of performers are seven prize-winners, five of them nominees for the first time, including Durand Durand, Lionel Richie, Carly Simon, Dolly Parton and Eminem, who was also in his first year. The class is complemented by Pat Benator and Eurythmics.

Parton, who is primarily recognized as a country artist, caused the most noise around this year’s nominees. It came to the point that in March she issued a statement saying, “I respectfully deviate,” from attention so that the votes would not eventually split. At Rock Hall they said it was late and the ballots were out.

After that, everything was quiet, but last Friday Parton seemed to change course abruptly, telling NPR when asked if she was eventually put in office: “Well, I’ll take it elegantly. I would like to say thank you and I will accept it because the fans are voting. “

It is suspected that the singer and actress knew that at the time she was heading to Cleveland, where the physical Rock Hall is located. When the news officially appeared on Wednesday, Parton, by all accounts, “gladly” accepted the award.

“People usually [say] “Share Rock” or “You’re Rock,” or “You’re a Rock Star,” she told Billboard. “I thought they just meant I was cool, and took it as a big compliment. But now I have to take it literally! ”

There is a sharp lack of real rock ‘n’ roll among the recruits, and Benatar is the only real rocker on the list. Known for labels such as “Hit Me with Your Best Shot”, “All Fired Up”, “Love Is a Battlefield” and “Heartbreaker”, she will enter Rock Hall with her husband, guitarist and longtime music partner Neil Giralda. .

Other than that, calling someone else “rock” is really hard. Certainly not rapper Eminem or soft rock superstar Simon. Richie is firmly classified as a soul and R&B, while Duran Duran has had his moments during his long career, they came on the scene in the 80s as a new wave of act supported by synthesizers.

Heavy metal rockers Judas Priest will receive the Musical Excellence Award. (Photo presented by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame)

Rage Against the Machine, Devo, New York Dolls and MC5 were in the election in February. Obviously, none of them got hit. Also on the agenda were Judas Priest. Metal legends will be introduced in November at a ceremony in Los Angeles, but not as performers.

It’s a bit embarrassing, but the band will be the winner of the Musical Excellence Award, which is fully voted for by another committee, and was previously called the “sidemen” category. By the way, Priest joined the band with the hit songwriters and producers Jimmy Gemma and Terry Lewis. However, frontman Rob Halford appeared over the moon with recognition.

“It’s not just for Judas Priest, it’s for heavy metal music,” the singer told Hall President and CEO Greg Harris in a mandatory video chat after the announcement. “Heavy metal music is such an important part of the culture and fabric of the United States that you get a band like Priest on the Simpsons. This is the coverage of this band; we will come to your house at any moment. “


Keep an eye on this place as every week we will be looking at new or soon released vinyl tapes of different artists. It could be a reprint of a symbolic record, a special edition or a new collection from a legendary act. This week is the 25th anniversary of the post-hardcore division from Washington

Girls Against Boys celebrate the 25th anniversary of the House of WWII with a double vinyl reissue of the album. (Photo by Michael Christopher)


In 1996, the post-hardcore / noise-rock outfit Girls Against Boys really succeeded. Musicians from Washington, D.C., staged “Venus Luxure No. 1 Baby ”in 1993 and the following year“ Cruise Yourself ”. By the time “House of GVSB” came out in 1996, the band had long since left DC on the New York stage, giving the songs clarity and dirt that combined with a catchy guitar and a moving bottom.

Now the Girls Against Boys are celebrating the 25th anniversary of “Home GVSB” with a double vinyl reissue of the album. Packed in a full-color jacket, A and B are the original album, reworked by Bob Weston from other noise rockers Shellac, and C and D are filled with pretensions and endings from the band’s 90’s work, including popular B-sides, singles, compilations tracks and previously unreleased record.

“GVSB House” is available in several different configurations. There is a standard black vinyl set 2LP and a version 2LP on blue vinyl, available exclusively on Touch and Go Records. Also available at the label store ( is a kit with a vinyl or navy blue t-shirt featuring an album cover designed by drummer Alexis Fleizig

After “House of GVSB” the main performers called, and the next release of Girls Against Boys, “Freak * on * ica *”, appeared on DGC Records Geffen. Meets with mixed reviews, it shows a little disappointment on the part of the band and fans, but this year they are on tour for the first time since 2013. A regional date has not yet been announced, but only in Brooklyn and the District of Columbia in October, hope remains, a branch show will take place.

The 25th anniversary edition of the House of WGIS can be found online and in stores at all reputable vendors selling vinyl.

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