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COUNCIL ROCK – The Board of Directors of the Rock School School is close to naming a finalist in its search for a new headmaster.

In a May 6 update provided to the community, school board president Ed Solomon announced that the board is nearing completion of the interview process and hopes to provide an update soon with the name and biography of the finalist.

“With the help of the Bucks County Intermediate, the council has been working on a rigorous process to determine the most ideal candidate for the next community leader,” Solomon said.

“This task is one of the most important that any council will ever perform,” he said. “We thank the community for your participation in the process and offer our commitment to identify a candidate who will move forward.”

To date, the school board has conducted a community survey to find feedback on the desired characteristics of the next district head, and has widely shared these results.

“We thank everyone who took the time to share their views,” Solomon said.

Following a community survey, a special vacancy announcement was developed for this position and posted to local state, regional and national vacancy councils. The publication attracts qualified applicants from several states.

“It shows the first-class reputation of the Savnitsky Rock School District, our staff and the students we serve,” Solomon said.

Over the past few weeks, the board has been involved in the competitive interview process, “working to find a candidate who best embodies the attributes identified in the survey and through feedback received.

“The questions and challenges were varied and reflect the challenging work that our leader will be doing,” Solomon said. “As the council approaches the identification of the next county governor, additional reports will follow.”

The school board plans to hold a community forum to introduce the finalist and provide an opportunity for questions and answers.

Dr. Susan Elliott has served as deputy superintendent since January, when superintendent Dr. Robert Fraser went on vacation. In February, the school board approved a formal separation agreement with Fraser and began looking for a replacement.

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