Roger Daltrey wants Oasis to “just get back together”.

The Who frontman has heaped praise on the iconic Brit-pop group’s former frontman Liam Gallagher, but wants him and his ex-guitarist brother Noel to sort out their differences and get the Some Might Say rockers back together.

Speaking to Jungblood for Rolling Stone, he said: “He has an edge and I want to [Oasis] would just get together.

“Liam has really carved a niche for himself though and I love him. I think he is wonderful. He is completely honest. He is not afraid to say how he feels. Very similar to you [Yungblud]. You remind me a little of him.’

Oasis broke up in 2009 after a backstage row between the siblings, and all hopes of a reunion were dashed.

Although Liam has previously begged Noel to return to the stage with him, he agrees that it will never happen.

His brother, on the other hand, admitted last week that he thought there was “no point” in the Oasis reunion.

The 55-year-old rocker says the band is selling “as many records now” as it did in its ’90s heyday.

During an appearance on the Pub Talk podcast, Noel was asked if they would ever reform, prompting him to quip: “Uh, would you go on holiday with your ex?”

He continued: “As funny as it sounds. Oasis now sell as many records a year as we did when we were together. Now we are as popular in the eyes of people as before. And that satisfies me.”

The musician insisted everyone has been thriving – including Liam, who sold out two nights at the Knebworth this summer after their landmark 1996 gigs – since they left the group.

Noel added: “If we got back together it would be a circus – and there’s no point. Just leave it as it is. I am happy. He [Liam Gallagher] does his job. He is still selling out Knebworth. It’s like, buddy, good luck to you, you know what I mean?”