Rubenstein’s demolition begins in West Chester – Daily Local

WESTERN CHESTER – Demolition work began on Friday in Rubenstein’s old office store and the Salvation Army commercial store.

Preliminary plans include the construction of approximately 219 apartments on the now-empty site of Rubinstein’s office supplies and furniture store and the former Salvation Army store.

Builder Eli Kahn has submitted plans to the area to destroy buildings on the site and build a 60-foot building with four-story apartments. Parking is planned at ground level at 2.4 acres at 250 E. Market St.

The proposed S-shaped design will create a green space and natural light.

The building plans to have 39 one-bedroom apartments, 162 one-bedroom apartments and 19 studios. Amenities include a 1,820-square-foot pool, a green area and a bocce court.

The plans state that the building is located in a “dangerous area of ​​the floodplain.” The Goose Creek runs under the property. Housing will not be built at ground level due to the possibility of flooding.

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