Ryan Reynolds sends bookings ‘off the scale’ at curry house he calls ‘best Indian in Europe’ | Entertainment news

Ryan Reynolds sent orders “over the scale” at a curry house the actor described as “the best Indian in Europe”.

But the family who own the Light of India restaurant in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, had no idea who he was when he praised him online.

Ryan, 45, shared the flyer with his 44.8 million Instagram followers at the weekend after eating there while in nearby Wrexham at the weekend to see the National League football club he co-owns win Maidstone United 5-0.

He told his fans, “The best Indian food in Europe.”

The son of owners Rahaman Batan, 51, and Raya Rahaman, 48, said when he and his sister Rashmin, 29, highlighted his message to their parents, they admitted they didn’t know he was famous and asked: “Who is he? »

But since the notification, the phone in the restaurant “broken”, the number of visits and online orders has increased.

Owners Shaa’s 28-year-old son told MailOnline of the surge in bookings following Ryan’s announcement: ‘The last two days have been very stressful, it’s been heartbreaking, the phone hasn’t stopped ringing.

“My grandfather first owned the business in 1980 and in 2010 it took over from my father. We’ve been around for 42 years, so most people here know us.

“But now a lot more people know about us and we’ve had a lot of calls since the announcement.

“We’ve had more online and phone orders and more people coming in and eating.”

He added that they don’t know if Ryan ate in or had takeout, but said they can now name the dish after the Deadpool actor.

Shaa added, “We’re not going to rebrand the store or anything based on his quote, but I would like him to go back and see what he ordered and personally bring it to the restaurant.”


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