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The two deceased Saxton area veterans will be commemorated at separate ceremonies scheduled for 11 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 11, at VFW Field, 900 Shoup St., Stonerstown.

The Veterans Day celebration, open to the public, is sponsored by Captain Phillips Foreign War Veterans Post 4129, Saxton, under the command of Greg Crooks. The VFW field is located near Highway 913 in Stonerstown.

“We remember World War II and the Vietnam War veterans who proudly served their country,” said Ron Pawuk, quartermaster and service officer. “We remember these brave veterans who went to war to help save our lives.”

Sergeant Charles Worsing, a victim of the Vietnam War, will receive a bridge named after him west of Stonerstown, and World War II veteran Jack Tom McCahan (August 14, 1926 – March 6, 2020) will be named after the VFW Pavilion in Stonerstown. , explained Spider, a longtime VFW activist and Vietnam veteran.

The former Stonerstown Bridge, which runs on Route 913 across the Juniat Raistown River Branch, was marked with appropriate signs at each end of the bridge that read, “Sergeant Charles Worsing Bridge.” The opening of the sign will be the responsibility of State Representative Jesse Topper, who will also make brief remarks during the dedication program.

The ceremony will be chaired by Saxton Mayor Alan Smith, and the Honor Guard of the Wide Upper Area will salute two Army veterans. The call will be given by Jill Clawson, pastor of the United Church of Christ Saxton.

In 1961 he graduated from Tassi Mountain High School and in 1964 graduated from Stevens Trade School, Lancaster, Sergeant. Varsing was killed in combat in the DMZ area of ​​South Vietnam on May 27, 1968 during a battle with the enemy. Varsing was assigned to Camp Evans in northern South Vietnam and was part of the 12th Aviation and Mobile Calvary.

Prior to being drafted into the U.S. Army in April 1967, Worsing joined the Peace Corps as a volunteer in 1964 and served two years in Iran before being drafted into the U.S. Department of State.

According to the military record, Varsing was awarded the Silver Star “For Courage in Action” (the third largest US medal for heroism), the Bronze Star “For Heroic or Deserved Achievements” and the Purple Heart “For Military Merit”.

The deceased sergeant of the US Army. Jack Tom McCahan of Saxton was a World War II veteran who enlisted in the Army on November 3, 1944, undergoing basic training at Sam Houston Camp, Texas.

In the last days of the war he took part in a campaign in Central Europe (France and Germany). He served as a supply sergeant at the headquarters of the 97th Chemical Mortar Battalion (Mtz), Third Armored Division. McKenna was fired on August 6, 1946.

The World War II veteran received the following medals: the American Theater Company Film, the EA&E One-Star Film, the Medal for Good Behavior and the OCC Army Medal (Germany) for Victory.

The VFW structure will be called the Jack McCahan Memorial Pavilion.

Light snacks will be served at the Saxton VFW Post Home ceremony.

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