Samsung Repair Mode: Now your data is safe while your phone is being repaired, the South Korean tech giant is adding a new feature

Seoul, July 31: South Korean tech giant Samsung has announced a new feature called Repair Mode for its Galaxy devices to make sure that personal data on your Galaxy smartphone remains safe even when a repair technician is working on it.

Samsung’s repair mode allows users to selectively choose what data they want to reveal while their phone is under repair, according to SamMobile. Users are always worried about their personal data being leaked or stolen from their smartphones when they send them in for repair. A woman sued Samsung after her cell phone got stuck in her vagina? Here’s a fact checker that analyzes this “news” making the rounds on Twitter.

This mode is here to provide peace of mind, at least for Samsung Galaxy users. So, for example, if you want to keep photos and videos on your device disabled, you can do so in repair mode, according to the report.

After activating the repair mode, which can be found in Settings, then in the Battery and Device care menu, the smartphone reboots. After that, no one will be able to access your data including photos, messages, accounts, etc. and only default apps will be available.

To exit repair mode, the user must exit the mode by restarting the device and authenticating with fingerprint or pattern recognition. According to the news release, Samsung’s repair mode will appear through the update of the Galaxy S21 series phones, and it will later be expanded to more models in the future. The feature will be available in South Korea, other regions should also get it soon.

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