Sarah Ferguson praises Beatrice and Eugenia’s “phenomenal” fatherhood | Celebrities

Sarah Ferguson says Princesses Beatrice and Eugenia are “phenomenal mothers”.

The 62-year-old author – Prince Andrew’s ex-wife – has two grandchildren, daughter Beatrice and Edouard Mapelli Moca Siena, seven months old, and son Eugenia and Jack Brooksbank, August, 15 months old, and she was delighted with how easily her girls passed into motherhood .

She squealed, “Most of all I marvel at the brilliance of my girls who turned out to be phenomenal mothers.

“It makes me very proud.”

The Duchess of York says she doesn’t like to “interfere unnecessarily” and allows her daughters to raise them the way they want.

She continued, “I think, as grandparents, you should allow your children to be the parents they want to be and not interfere too much.

“But I’m always there to pick up broccoli when it flies while eating.”

Sarah also revealed that Augustus, whose name is Augi, finds her grandmother “cheerful” when she reads to him.

She said good! Magazine: “I get very excited when I read children’s stories, and Augi thinks I’m funny.”

The philanthropist showed that the children do not speak yet, so she does not know what to call her.

She said: “Siena is only eight months old and August is one, so they haven’t spoken yet and haven’t figured out what they want to call me!

Whatever it is, everything will be fine. “


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