Sarah Hyland Marries Wells Adams After Two-Year Delay – NBC10 Philadelphia

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams finally reached the passage.

Almost three years later Bachelor Nation support first offered”Modern familystar, a source confirms to E! News that they tied the knot on August 20 in an outdoor ceremony at Sunstone Winery near Santa Barbara, California.

Highland’s “Modern Family” calendar. Vergara sofa shared an idea of ​​the festivities on Instagramwriting next to the photo in the photo booth: “#sarahandwells wedding”.

The couple, who met on social media after he was on Bachelor in Paradise, have gone public with their romance in the fall of 2017.

They are announced that they were engaged in July 2019 and celebrated with an intimate engagement three months later. However, in connection with the coronavirus pandemicHyland and Adams had to postpone wedding plans.

Despite planning for failurethe smitten couple kept their spirits up, even celebrating their initial date with a mock wedding photoshoot, where Sarah wore a white lace crop top and sun hat with a veil that read ‘Bride-to-be’.

Sarah Hyland and Wells Addams: Rewind Romance

“A Couple, a Pandemic, and a Postponed Wedding: The Series.” We were supposed to get married today. Instead…we took pictures and drank wine,” Hyland captioned her Instagram post in August 2020 I love you to Pluto and back.

Adams also posted a silly snap from the day writing“We were supposed to get married today. We didn’t get married. But I still have to grab the example. So, you know, it’s still pretty cool.”

Nearly two years later, Hyland “finally” attended what she described as “the wedding night of my dreams.” The artist posted several photos and videos of herself from June 4 Instagram storiesincluding a photo of her custom enamel clutch with “Mrs. Adams” written on the side in gold.

Earlier this week, Adams spoke with E! News on Disneyat a recent preview, where he revealed that the wedding will “hopefully” take place this summer.

“We’ve been full on planning for three years, so it’s all done.” he exclusively told E! News June 2. “We just need it to really happen.”

Looks like it was all worth the wait.


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