Senate race between McCormick and Oz clashes over mail ballots

PITTSBURG (KDKA) – Tomorrow the Allegheny County Election Council will count the previous ballots left over from last week’s primary election.

No matter what happens after the vote count, the U.S. Republican Senate between Dave McCormick and Dr. Mehmet Oz is going to recall because the fields are so small that an automatic vote count is likely to take effect.

Hours ago, McCormick’s campaign cited a federal court ruling that urged counties to count absentee or postal ballots that were not dated by voters.

However, Dr. Oz’s company says otherwise.

In a statement sent to KDKA, Oz’s attorneys said the ballots should be discarded, citing a Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling that a ballot or absentee ballot that lacks a voting date is invalid and cannot be be counted.

As of Sunday morning, Dr. Oz is leading McCormick with 418,508 votes against 417,430.

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