Senator Casey Introduces Bill Reforming Police Interaction with People with Disabilities | Pennsylvania News

LANCASTER CO., Pennsylvania – Congress is expected to pass a couple of bills that will reform the way police interact with people with disabilities.

Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey unveiled the bills Monday afternoon.

One bill will improve the call system so that non-criminal emergency calls are directed to mental health professionals rather than the police.

Lawyers from Lancaster County, where the deadly police shooting of a man in crisis hit national headlines, say it would relieve police of the burden. It will also give people with disabilities the help they need

“Just as you want a police officer to appear in the process of a crime, we need to get a case officer to appear in a crisis with an understanding of help informed about injuries and knowing that people are not everything. themselves at the moment of interaction ”. said Kevin Ressler, president and CEO of United Way of Lancaster County.

Another Casey bill provides grants to nonprofits to train officers on how to safely interact with people with disabilities. He says he has bipartisan support for both measures.

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