Seniors in Warwick paint a mural by Peter Max for a retired art teacher | Entertainment

The hallway of Warwick High School is now much more colorful thanks to two high school students.

Liz Buyge and Monica Dall have been working on a mural near the classroom of art teacher Bill Sifuni for the past few months. A work in memory of Chifuni’s retirement at the end of the school year after 22 years of teaching in the school district. The mural is inspired by the work of Peter Max, one of Chifuni’s favorite artists, according to a report on the Warwick School District website.

Max is known for using bright colors and psychedelic images in his paintings; it is associated with the pop art movement of the 1960s.

“Liz and Monica are so proud of how the mural turned out, and think it’s really cool that a small piece of them will stay in Warwick High School for years to come,” the report said. “They love to draw, and the opportunity to share your art with future warriors is a great way to get back to school!”

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