SEPTA has private security, now works in its subway system, plans more – NBC10 Philadelphia

Travelers of the SEPTA Broad Street Line and Market-Frankford Line trains in Philadelphia may have recently noticed private security guards watching the subway. Now SEPTA is adding even more private security to its security plan.

On Thursday, SEPTA plans to announce “new security firm staff to attract customers on trains and train stations on riding rules, assist riders without destinations, and serve as extra eyes and ears for transit police,” the agency said. in a news release. “It’s part of an overall effort to increase security and safety in the system.”

Originally announced SEPTA this protection plan was back in February, characterizing workers as “conductors” for security. On Thursday, the agency’s leaders planned to announce a “new staff dedicated to security and safety.”

“Several dozen professionals now work in the system every day, primarily on the Market-Frankford and Broad Street lines,” SEPTA said this week.

The Security Initiative is part of the SEPTA SCOPE (Security, Cleaning, Property, Partnership and Interaction) initiative launched last year to help reach vulnerable asylum seekers in the system, the transit agency said in a press release.

Up to 88 guides will be assigned to stations and vehicles along the Broad Street and Market Frankford lines, as well as to the halls of Center City, SEPTA reports. Workers are undergoing specialized training, “to provide staff training for these new roles.”

Three firms will be responsible for providing guides: Extrity, LLC; Scotlandyard Security Services, Inc .; and The Philadelphia Protection Unit, LLC. The contract is for one year, but will be an option for two additional years, SEPTA reported.

Workers do not play the role of police officers, but help them, said SEPTA.

“They do not replace the police or otherwise act as law enforcement, but they increase the visible presence at SEPTA and can alert the police about situations when necessary.”

SEPTA, which has dealt with recent crimes and incidents on its trains – including the recent rapecontinues to actively recruit new transit police officers.

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