She and He did not expect Brian Wilson to appear in their album honoring him Music

She and his Zoe Deschanel say the duo never imagined Brian Wilson playing a duet with them on the cover of “Do It Again.”

The new album by actress and music partner “Almost Famous” M. Ward called “Melt Away: A Tribute to Brian Wilson” contains 14 cover songs, saturated with their own distinctive style.

But for their 1968 hit The Beach Boys, they couldn’t find the right vocals, so they asked Brian, a founding member of the band – who they had worked with before – if he was willing to help them.

In an interview with Vulture, Zoe said: “It’s funny – our plan has always been to pay tribute to Brian. But I don’t think we thought we should ask Brian to be on one of the tracks. We thought it would be what we will send him, I hope he will like.

“But then ‘Do It Again,’ I always liked this song. But I thought I couldn’t sing this one very well, and Matt said, ‘Well, I can’t sing this song very well.’ We were both unsure of our ability to perform this song. It has a loud vocal melody.

“It’s so Beach Boys that it’s hard to move away from how the original was made. So we thought we’d invite a guest to take part in it.

“And I thought, why don’t we just ask Brian? We’ve worked so hard with him and interacted with him, and there’s also a very cool team around him. All the people he works with are amazing.”

The “Elf” star added: “Having been such a fan for so long, one way or another, this passion has to some extent brought us into its orbit, which is such a blessing.”

The 79-year-old Brian – who is widely recognized as one of the most significant songwriters of his generation – is a big fan of the new album She and Him.

The famous musician described the harmonies as “beautiful” and admitted that he loves the new record.

He said, “Zoe and Matt have made such stunning versions of our songs. The harmony is beautiful and correct. I like this record!”

“Melt Away: A Tribute to Brian Wilson” comes out on July 22nd.

Track list:

1. Darlene

2. Wouldn’t be good

3. Until I die

4. Deidre

5. Melt

6. Good To My Baby

7. Don’t talk (Put your head on my shoulder)

8. Don’t worry, baby

9. This whole world

10. Kiss me, baby

11. Do It Again starring Brian Wilson

12. You win heads, I lose tails

13. Please let me think

14. Designed for you


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