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“Shocking discovery: ‘Biden knows he controls drug cartels, profits from illegal immigration, DHS note | National news

(Central Square) – Border agents are preparing for a “possible increase in the activity of migrants due to increased activity of large groups” as a result of the immigration policy of the Biden administration, according to the Interior Ministry document This was announced by Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody.

It calls, inter alia, for the suspension of the Protocols on the Protection of Migrants, otherwise known as the Stay Policy in Mexico, and for the closure of the Health Authority, Title 42, as a reason for the influx of people arriving at the southern US border from Central and South America. through Mexico.

“This is a shocking revelation,” Moody said.

Attorneys general of several states have sued the administration for terminating both policies, including Texas AG’s Ken Paxton and Missouri AG’s Eric Schmidt, who recently appealed to the Supreme Court to demand that the administration enforce the law and restore the MPP.

“We are in the midst of a national opioid crisis, and the deadliest drugs are being smuggled into our country from Mexico,” Moody said in a statement. “President Biden knows this, but he continues to redouble his horrific immigration policy, knowing that this policy encourages and enriches those drug cartels that profit from the deaths of thousands of Americans.”

Entitled “A Review of U.S. Customs and Border Protection at the Southwest Frontier,” an 8-page edited paper describes the role of Mexican cartels and multinational organized crime networks in human smuggling in the United States.

It reads: “… we believe that smuggling networks are very active in promoting the flow of migrants through Mexico, as drug traffickers maintain control over major corridors of traffic to the United States. The control of drug trafficking organizations over these corridors allows them to regulate the flow of migrants, as well as to collect a “tax” from migrants … for the right to pass through the corridors.

“Transnational criminal organizations will use migration flows and introduce themselves into the smuggling cycle. TCOs are endangering vulnerable people, accumulating illicit profits that fuel cartel violence in Mexico and along the border, and creating an unstable environment at the border. ”

The document also “proves that the Biden administration knows that its disastrous border policy is to blame for the influx of illegal migrants,” Moody said. She points to a section that argues that “irregular migration,” a new terminology used by DHS to refer to illegal immigration, is likely to increase in fiscal year 2021 as economic opportunities emerge and migrants ’perceptions of U.S. immigration policy. ”

Customs and Border Protection and the U.S. Border Guard are preparing for an influx of people by “initiating contingency planning in anticipation of a potential surge in illegal migration,” the document said in preparation for relocating them to the United States.

It cites the Biden administration’s policies, including “pauses in the use of removal methods such as migrant protection protocols, asylum cooperation agreements and the prompt review of asylum claims,” ​​as contributing factors to increased migration that have limited The CBP and Border Patrol agents ’ability over the past year has handled and removed those who are in the U.S. illegally.

The total number of CBP meetings with illegal immigrants on the southwestern border since February 2021 has been nearly 2.5 million, Moody notes, with deportations down 70% last year.

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