Simone Andreoli is an Italian perfume brand. In 2011 it launched its Diario Olfattivo line. The brand is a popular choice among women who want a feminine scent. Its eau de parfum fragrances are renowned for their natural ingredients and uplifting aromas.

Leisure in Paradise

Simone Andreoli’s Leisure in Paradise is an eau de parfum (EDP) that is both fruity and masculine. It is part of the brand’s Eau de Parfum Intense line. It is a good choice for women who want a scent that will make them feel like they’re on vacation in an island paradise.

Leisure in Paradise is a fruity fragrance that has undertones of tropical woods and a sweet papaya scent. It is reminiscent of warm Caribbean breezes and fills the senses with a feeling of a sunny island paradise.

Leisure in Paradise is a 100ml Eau de Parfum Intense that was created for summertime. It is a gourmand fragrance that evokes the warmth of the Caribbean breeze. The scent is infused with juicy fruit and creamy coconut. Its base is made of Caribbean woods.

This perfume by Simone Andreoli is a fresh, fruity fragrance that is perfect for summer. It has tropical and fruity notes and is designed for both men and women. It’s a fragrance that is perfect for summer vacations and warm, sunny beaches. Several online stores sell these perfumes, such as Alla Violetta Boutique, where you can buy them online at a good price.


Simone Andreoli’s Eterno is a woody-balsamic scent that reminds me of the scent of pine needles and resin. It is the smell of a magical forest. Until recently, this magical forest has been the backdrop of our darkest nightmares, but now we have discovered that it is our very own home. The scent of wood is comforting and familiar.

The Simone Andreoli fragrance Leisure in Paradise was released in 2020. It’s a woody floral that opens with a burst of arboreal pine resin, which explodes into a fiery flame. The scent balances out with incense, woods, spices, and woods. This fragrance is very versatile and will last for days.

Simone Andreoli’s limited edition fragrances are inspired by special moments in his life and are a reflection of his memories. They are crafted with great refinement and high-quality raw materials. Samples of the fragrances are available to give customers a feel of the brand’s unique fragrances.

Leisure in Paradise eau de parfum

Leisure in Paradise by Simone Andreoli is a fruity eau de parfum designed for women and men. It is part of the brand’s Eau de Parfum Intense family. This eau de parfum is a great choice if you are looking for a fruity fragrance that will be a great summertime scent.

Inspired by a warm Caribbean breeze, Leisure in Paradise is an ethereal perfume that is packed with the smell of juicy fruit and creamy coconut. It falls into the gourmand category, showcasing fruity and creamy notes like papaya and coconut milk. It is also rounded off with a touch of vanilla and a woodsy base of Caribbean woods.

A fresh and fruity tropical scent, Leisure in Paradise was reformulated by an independent perfume bottler and is now available in spray bottles. The bottle is clear and contains two ml of the fragrance. It is a softer version of the beachy gourmand floral, and lingers long after you’ve applied it. This scent is so popular that it has been a viral sensation on TikTok.

Eterno eau de parfum

Simone Andreoli is an Italian luxury brand, known for its opulent fragrance creations. Each scent is a poetic representation of different journeys. The vastness of the natural world, the depth of the sea, the vibrancy of vibrant cities, and the elusiveness of time all come to life through Simone Andreoli’s fragrances. They are an aromatic diary of the designer’s travels around the world. They evoke feelings of happiness, euphoria, and sensual passion.

The fragrance begins with a woody, resinous scent reminiscent of a sun-baked pine forest. The smoky woods and resins in this scent create a feeling of belonging and protection that gives the wearer a sense of home. The base is made of spices, woods, and resins.

Simone Andreoli’s Eterno eau de parfum review will cover the fragrance’s top notes and its overall smell. This citrus fragrance has a similar scent to zon’s dentenbos verbrand, and is also reminiscent of a home’s cozy interior. It is best applied to the heart and elleboog for a warm, sensuous scent.