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FLARHAM PARK, New Jersey – The Cleveland Browns have turned their coach aside. The New York Jets and Philadelphia Eagles could be left without them this weekend.

For the second year, Brown coach Kevin Stefansky cleared COVID-19 protocols on Wednesday and returned to the team, missing Monday’s home defeat by Las Vegas, a 16-14 setback that damaged Cleveland’s hopes of the playoffs. Stefansky also failed to win the Browns playoffs at Pittsburgh last season after a positive test.

“It’s good to be back,” Stefansky told reporters on a call to Zoom from the Beria Center, Ohio. “Obviously, remote work is what we all did last year, so you can definitely work remotely, plan a game remotely, hold meetings, etc., but it’s good to come back in person.”

Meanwhile, Saleh Robert of the Jets and Nick Siriani of the Eagles tested positive for COVID-19 after experiencing symptoms in the morning.

For New York, this is the latest in that there has been a surge in coronavirus cases on the team. Hard end coach Ron Middleton coached the practice in Saleh’s absence after learning about 45 minutes before that the head coach would not be able to hold the session. Saleh, who plans to continue to hold team meetings virtually, may return on Thursday if he no longer shows symptoms and tests are negative.

If Saleh doesn’t come out of the COVID-19 protocols by Sunday, Middleton will also work as head coach in New York’s game against Jacksonville.

“I’m not going to invent a wheel,” Middleton said during a video call. “I’m trying to steer the ship, keep the ship in the right direction.”

The Syrians also gave a positive result after experiencing symptoms. He is in isolation at the hotel, and game coordinator with passes Kevin Patula will act as coach if the Syrians do not clear the protocols before Sunday’s game against the Giants.

In the “Jets” in the list of COVID-19 14 players from active and training teams, including in reserve with injuries: broad receivers Elijah Moore, Jeff Smith and Vincent Smith; watchman Alia Vera-Tucker; defense linemen Folarunso Fatukassi, John Franklin-Myers and Tanzel Smart; linebackers Blake Cashman, Noah Dawkins and Hamsa Nasirildin; corner defenders Michael Carter II and Lamar Jackson; security Sharrod Neasman; and special teams ace Justin Hardy.

“It’s crazy,” George Fant said from the left. “You see, other teams have suffered from this. I guess it’s our turn.”

Now that they have returned their coach, the next one for the Browns is getting more players as they prepare for a short week before the Christmas visit against the leading NFC Green Bay Packers (11-3). The Browns are on the verge of the playoffs and will probably have to win their last three games to reach the postseason.

Brown was shocked by the virus last week when an outbreak led to 22 players being forced to miss a postponed game against the Raiders, which Cleveland lost. Apartmentback Baker Mayfield has yet to pass the required negative test, and his status in this week’s game in Green Bay is unclear.

Tight and Browns Austin Hooper and full-time defender Jacob Phillips also returned, but rookie rookie Greg News was added to the COVID-19 list. He missed the last two games due to a concussion.

Stefansky said players who had a positive result before December 15 will be eligible to play on Saturday – the completion of their 10-day window – as long as they are asymptomatic. This will include Mayfield and the backup QB Case Keenum.

Third striker Nick Mallens started the game Monday night and played well in his first start from last season from San Francisco.

On Monday, the first day under the revised NFL protocols, 47 players were included in the COVID-19 list, the most one day since the start of the pandemic. Another 21 NFL players on Tuesday were included in the reserve list / COVID-19.

– Pittsburgh on Wednesday included full-fledged defenders Devin Bush and Marcus Allen and Zach Banner’s offensive fight in the COVID-19 list.

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