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Six months after staffing problems forced its temporary closure, a popular Italian restaurant will reopen in South Bethlehem.

On Thursday, May 12, at E. Third St., 322 E. Third St., according to the company’s website, Molinari’s restaurant, renowned for its pasta and other authentic Italian cuisine, will reopen.

“We’re opening up again!” – said in a statement on the restaurant’s website. “It simply came to our notice then. Too long. ”

To reopen, the restaurant’s management has made some changes to its experience, continuing its commitment to authentic Italian dishes prepared on site daily.

In the future, from Thursday to Saturday there will be two places with tickets – one at 17:00 and the other at 19:30.

The restaurant noted that each seat will accommodate a maximum of 30 guests, with the early seat having a maximum duration of 2 hours to give staff enough time to “flip” the seat for the next seat, the restaurant said.

Tickets must be purchased at least one day, and the ticket price includes only meals [additional menu items may be available]. Drinks, taxes and tips are paid extra.

“We are also leaning even deeper into our Italian roots,” the restaurant said. “The menu will consist of three to five dishes. Each course will have two options. We will do our best to inform the menu in advance. Remember that in most of Italy you eat what nonna cooked that day. ”

Lunch Molinari with 3.5 dishes at the opening, $ 45, will begin with a classic afeta (assorted cured meats and cheeses, roasted grape jam, olives and focaccia), followed by a choice of panzanella (cucumber, onion, melon, balsamic vinegar, prosciutto) ). and bread) or grilled fennel salad (radicchio, orange slices, Marcona almonds, charred onions and vinaigrette).

The third dish will include your choice of ravioli (ricotta with honey pepper, arugula, garlic, specification and cream-editing) or linguine pesto (pesto with basil, burrata, sun-dried tomatoes and crumbs with spices).

Customers will also be able to choose an additional supplement for $ 10: pork tenderloin (stewed greens, whipped gorgonzola and figs) or baked mussels from Prince Edward Island (smoked tomatoes, feather grass broth and fried leeks).

A meal of espresso panna cotta (chocolate nut, whipped cream and candied lemon zest) or limanchela sabolon (with seasonal fruit) will end.

The new Molinari dinner will feature cocktails and wine, and the restaurant’s facilities will be limited in maintaining dietary restrictions. Those who are concerned can contact the restaurant via an online form on its website prior to purchasing tickets.

“For those of you who want a little more spontaneity, you will want to visit on Monday,” – announced in the restaurant. “Street food on Mondays will show the best of Italian street food. Only walks. No published menus. You will need to visit to find out what is falling on this day. ”

Molinari’s, which covers an area of ​​3,000 square feet on Third and Regiment Street, was opened in late 2011 by owner Fran Malinari.

About a week before Black Friday 2021, its 10th anniversary, the full-service restaurant announced on its Facebook page that it is closing for an unknown period of time due to staffing issues.

“One of our key employees had an emergency medical service that will not allow us to open this weekend,” the restaurant said in a November report. “They’ll recover but can’t physically work, and because of the limited staff we can’t open. In addition, we were ready to announce that this weekend would be the last for us at an unknown time. This is the result of staff care. We remain committed to rebuilding the team and will speak through social media as we progress. ”

Tickets for the 3.5-course Molinari Opening Dinner are available on a variety of dates, starting May 12 and running through June 18, on the restaurant’s website.

Gift cards cannot be used to purchase tickets. However, they can be used for goods purchased at the restaurant.

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