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– A play about national security: The Silicon Valley-funded nonprofit claims that the inaction of Google, Amazon, Meta and Apple has left the US open to Russian cyberattacks – but one platform calls the idea “completely wrong.”

– Another FCC choice: Four years ago, Congress passed a law requiring a Senate-approved Inspector General of the Federal Communications Commission, but one has not yet been implemented.

– Google parentheses for semesters: In the face of old and new threats, the search giant is announcing new efforts to help maintain the security of the November elections.

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THE PATRIOTIC DUTY OF THE GREAT TECHS? As the country prepares for Russian President Joe Biden warns that cyber attacks await ussome of Big Tech’s biggest critics are trying to take advantage of this threat to hit top platforms.

A the report was released this morning claims that Google, Amazon, Meta and Apple have left the country vulnerable to Russian aggression, “refusing to work with the US military and intelligence in developing next-generation artificial intelligence and preparing for cyberattacks.” This is an unusual argument, as at least some of the companies listed in the report maintain significant ties with the U.S. government and military, including in the field of AI and cybersecurity. Google wants to bid on major Pentagon cloud computing projects, and Amazon already my similar contracts are sewn up.

But the effort is demonstrating “campaign” tactics. The Tech Oversight Project is a non-profit organization launched in January that is funded Omidyar Network (funded by eBay founder Pierre Amidyar) and the Economic Security Project, a nonprofit organization led by Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes.

– Technical giants answer: Google spokesman Ted Led called the allegations in the report “completely wrong.” In addition to providing cloud computing services to the U.S. government, the company also Partnership in February with the Pentagon’s Department of Defense Innovation and announced last year $ 10 billion in cybersecurity.

Representatives of Apple, Amazon and Meta did not respond to the record. But Amazon CEO Andy Jesse was commissioned by the government’s National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligenceand the cloud computing wing of the company advertises its ties to the Pentagon directly on your website. The goal participated in the White House Summit on Software Security in January this year. And Google also has researchers studying and warning about current national companies (as well as Microsoft, whose name was not in the report).

“Is that enough?” In an email to MT, Kyle Morse, a spokesman for the Tech Oversight Project, suggested that even if technical platforms work with the U.S. government to provide vulnerable systems and enhance AI development, broad coverage of their products in most aspects of daily life means they could still do more. This is a new line of attack for Google’s progressive critics, who have previously focused on disgracing Google for its work. with military.

– Reduction: Technology lobby repeatedly captured in connection with Congress’s concerns about the achievements of Chinese research, to argue that antitrust efforts aimed at major technology platforms will undermine companies ’research and development efforts and weaken America’s security. Today’s Tech Oversight Project report looks similar to that effort, this time given the alarm surrounding the threat from Russia to attack major technology companies.

The FCC choice we are still waiting for – Biden has not yet announced the election of the FCC Inspector General. This position, which is designed to verify FCC spending and investigate potential fraud and abuse, will take on new significance as the agency receives billions of dollars to help with pandemics and infrastructure.

– Law or recommendation? Wednesday marked four years since the adoption of Fr. bipartisan law leaving the White House to appoint an FCC inspector general, an attempt to change a process that had been going on for decades when the FCC chairman simply appointed a watch dog inside.

But so far it has not been confirmed by the IG FCC Senate. (Former President Donald Trump did nominate a candidate, but they did failed to clear vote in December 2020.)

Greg Walden, former head of the Republican committee on energy and commerce, wants the Biden administration to act. “It was never about any particular person – it was a process that we thought could be improved,” Walden told John, adding that this position is especially important now, “if you look at how much money will be washed away.” FCC.

– Seat heating? Longtime FCC employee David Hunt has served the IG agency for the past decade. He is not completely idle – last year Hunt began a crusade on social media eradicate waste, fraud and abuse, and earlier this month he issued an advisory warning that telecommunications providers may deceive Lifeline low-income FCC program users.

– Accountability groups monitor: Liz Hempovich, director of public policy for the State Oversight Project, told John that it is not uncommon to observe inaction by the White House in these positions. But the establishment of a Senate-approved FCC will bring “a certain level of burden,” she said: “The Senate, in particular, sees these inspectors general as slightly more independent, slightly more accountable to Congress, slightly more partner.”

FIRST IN MT: GOOGLE is preparing for the intermediate semesters: From current domestic misinformation campaigns about “stolen elections” advancing at the highest levels of American politics, including Trump, to a desperate Kremlin that can encourage risk after the fall in Ukraine, technology platforms have their work for them headed for in November. With that in mind, today Lori Richardson, head of the trust and security department of the search giant announced additional steps (and recounted some old ones) that the campaign plans to hold to help secure by-elections:

– Ballotpedia Partnerships: Google will work with Ballotpedia, online collection of information on federal, state, and local policies and elections in the United States to help users “quickly find authoritative information” about future elections. When users enter queries about the date of state primaries, for example, Richardson said the information should appear at the top of Google search results.

The campaign also plans to “connect authoritative voices” about the election on YouTube, which is also owned by Google, and make it easier for developers of other programs to create tools for voters looking for election-related information.

– Protection of electoral workers and elimination of misinformation: Google has said it will involve employees of the campaign and the high-risk election campaign Advanced Defense Programand will continue to support existing cybersecurity projects in elections through its Campaign Security Project, which it announced in February. He also promised to update it Report on the Transparency of Political Advertising “In the coming months” to include more detailed disassembly of advertising data.

Cheryl Goldstein was promoted to Executive Vice President of Industry Development at the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Caryl Pierre-Drews was promoted to Chief Marketing Officer at IAB, and Michael Hahn was promoted to Chief Legal Adviser at the IAB. … Greg Luer joined Holland and Knight as a partner in the Public Policy and Regulation Group in Washington, DC … William and Flora Hewlett Foundation renewed a grant for the CyberAI project at Georgetown University’s Center for Security and New Technologies with an additional $ 3 million on a total grant of $ 5 million over five years. … Airbnb is the newest member of the lobbying firm TechNet.

Experiences: Software developers, data scientists and a variety of technicians are fleeing en masse from Russia, according to Wired.

Pause: Protocol reports that San Francisco has banned Amazon and other parcel delivery companies from building or expanding any delivery facilities for the next 18 months.

What is the concept: This was reported by Bloomberg that after numerous complaints, Instagram will allow users to see the most recent posts first, instead of being forced to view content using an algorithmic rating.

Is the FCC a company issue? Adam Laxalt, a Republican candidate from the Republicans of Nevada, is following the incumbent Senate. Catherine Cortes Masto (D-Nev.) For her (probably) vote in favor of Gigi Sona’s “far-left radical” in the Federal Communications Commission.
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