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When the clock was ticking before 11pm, the YAIAA Athletics Championships finally ended on Friday night at Dolastovo High School. The meeting saw school records, meeting records and many simple competitions.

Despite the fact that Gabe Pekaitis won the pole vault (13’6 “), he was not the only gold medalist from Gettysburg. jumping over 2021 state champion 2A Alison Watts of Bermuda Springs, Bair, the Warriors’ school record holder (37’10 ½ “), put together a beautiful series to jump 36’5 ¼” to win. Watts finished second out of 35 ‘7 ½ ».

Taking fourth place in last year’s state competition, Bair is well on his way to his second state medal in his second year of jumping. She and Watts, who are both competing in a number of competitions, will have nothing to focus on at the district meeting this weekend other than jumping.

Andrew Naun from Hanover continues to get faster and faster. This year the senior runner set two school records – 1,600 and 3,200. He again broke his record of 1,600 meters, taking fourth place with a score of 4: 24.93. His best time last year was 4:37, and after the first run in the fall this fall, he will probably go even faster. Matthew O’Brien of Sasquehanaka dominated the distance race, winning 1,600 in 4: 23.43 and then returning to get 3,200 with a seven-second score in 9: 28.58.

Speaking of distance dominance, the Dolostown trio, which led the Wildcats to second place in cross-country competitions for girls in State 3A, took second place in 1600. Lydia Thalerica ran away from teammates Kaylee Granger and Victoria Rodriguez to win in 5: 03.42. She also finished second at 3200.

Shernel Singh of South Western continued his wonderful season, winning the 800 with a score of 1: 58.33, which became his fastest. Also a personal record was senior Drew Cole of Gettysburg. Cole nearly broke for two minutes, but ran 2: 00.78 and finished fifth.

Bernard Bell of the Mustangs broke two school records on Friday in both hurdles. Bell broke from the start in the 110-barrier race and easily won with a huge school record of 14.40, surpassing the previous mark by half a second. He came back to win 300 barriers in a record time of 39.15.

In the 300 hurdles, the girls were dominated by the Times Rea, which took six places out of the top eight. Gem Galigani of Dover won the race with a time of 47.16. She was followed by Maddie Lecker from South Western (48.44) and Emma Denison from Fairfield (48.48). Maya Richwein finished fourth in New Oxford (49.73) after an impressive second place – 15.60 in the 100 hurdles. This fully automatic time is the same own time as the manual school record of 15.4. The Universal Lecker also won the high jump (5’2 “) and finished sixth in the javelin throw.

The South Western guys had a great season in the final year of the famous career of coach Bruce Lee. The 4 and 400 meters relay ended the match with a score of 3: 29.96 and won by almost four seconds. Bell and Singh joined Noah Bankert (4th in the 400 – 51.46) and Chris Lescher (4th in the 200 – 22.70).

In the throws Wyatt Haystand of Gettysburg threw the shot put further than ever before. His rise of 45’0 ½ ”put him in second place after Danny Fama of Central York. Pham dominated with a throw of 52’5 “. Emerson Site-Byers had a good day for South Western, winning the javelin throw by throwing 152’11 ”.

Also for the Warriors senior Emily Skavita in her first year in athletics took sixth place in discus throw (95’7 “) and late in the evening took fourth place in shot put (33’1 ¼”). Her discus throw was her best of the season, and over the coming weekend she has a chance to work for Gettysburg in the counties.

Kyleen McIntyre of Red Lion won both competitions without difficulty, making a throw of 123’2 “in the discus and 37’1” in the shot put. Sophia Harnois of South Western was second in the drive (108’1 “).

The District 3 Championship meeting, which is a qualifying match for the states, will be held at the University of Schippensburg on Friday and Saturday, May 20-21.

YAIAA Athletics Championships

Friday – Dallastown HS

Key: B-Biglerville, BS-Bermudian Springs, DC-Delone Catholic, F-Fairfield, G-Gettysburg, H-Hanover, L-Littlestown, NO-New Oxford, SW-South Western, C-Central York, D-Dallastown, Do -Dover, E-Eastern York, KD-Kennard-Dale, N-Northeastern, RL-Red Lion, SG-Spring Grove, S-Susquehannock, WY-West York, WP-William Penn, YC-York Catholic, YS- York Suburban, YT-York Tech.

3200 relays: 1.York Suburban 8: 13.00, 2.Susquehannock 8: 13.63, 3.Central York 8: 16.17, 4.Gettysburg 8: 44.39, 5.New Oxford 8: 44.90, 6.Bermudian Springs.388: 48,84, 8 .Farfield 8: 58.91; 110 barriers: 1.Bernard Bell SW 14.40, 2.Alicea N 14.55, 3.Mike Carlson BS 14.64, 4.Addey WY 15.42, 5.Jones D 15.68, 6.Strode SG 15.71, 7.Byersson S.8p. RL 27.67; 100: 1.Fenisi D 10-63, 2.Smith SG 11.00, 3.Shaw C 11.16, 4.Brooks SG 11.22, 5.Rios Do 11.34, 6.Johnson D 11.38, 7.Wiest D 11.16, 7.Wiest D .; 1600: 1.O’Brien S 4: 23.43, 2.Perry N 4: 24.51, 3.Rager D 4: 24.91, 4.Matthew Nawn H 4: 24.93, 5.Shernel Singh SW 4: 27.50, 6.Gutekunst D 29.34, 7.Quinan CD 4: 30.75, 8.Shernan Singh PZ 4: 30.87; 400 relays: 1.Dallastown 42.23, 2.Spring Grove 42.72, 3.West York 43.44, 4.South Western 43.59, 5.Dover 44.00, 6.Central York 44.80, 7.New Oxford 45.556, 8.Hanover; 400 1.Wright-Phillips WY 50.95, 2.Hartman S 51.00, 3.Casiano Do 51.17, 4.Noah Bankert SW 51.46, 5.Dab SG 51.50, 6.Baxter C 52.44, 7.GaBS. 53.27; 300 barriers: 1.Bernard Bell SW 29.15, 2.Strode SG 40.82, 3.Addey WY 40.88, 4.Rios Do 41.42, 5.Coltan Kerr BS 41.74, 6.Emerson Sites-Byers SW 41.885, D.85 Salazar B 44.64; 800 1.Shernel Singh SW 1: 58.33, 2.Nokes WY 1: 59.70, 3.Perry N 2: 00.25, 4.Coggins S 2: 00.32, 5.Drew Cole G 2: 00.78, 6.Matthew Nawn H.17, 7.Baxter C 2: 01.54, 8.Kopp C 2: 01.76; 200 1.Phennicie D 21.70, 2.Wright-Phillips WY 22.22, 3.Walker WP 22.66, 4.Chris Lesher SW 22.70, 5.Dab SG 23.03, 6.Nyamekye RL 23.15; 3200: 1.O’Brien C 9: 28.58, 2.Adams Y.S. 9: 35.75, 3. Kern US 9: 45.49, 4. Quinan CD 9: 50.45. 5.Cunningham KD 9: 54.81, 6.Rager D 10: 08.98, 7.Ridler N 10: 09.88, 8.Oestereich YS 10: 15.28; 1600 relays: 1.South Western 3: 29.96, 2.West York 3: 33.30, 3.Sasquehanac 3: 34.73, 4.Central York 3: 36.29, 5.Douver 3: 36.51, 6.Dalasovn 3: 37.85, 3: 37.85 , 7. 39.30, 8.New Oxford 3: 42.20; High jump: 1.Zach Derry SW 6-0, 2

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