In the first weeks of spring, many feel compelled to try to beautify the neighborhood where they will spend time in the coming months.

Perhaps this is due to the desire to do spring cleaning at home. And the annual celebration of Earth Day takes place in April, which is accompanied by a lot of great cleaning efforts.

But the need to help the environment and keep our communities and resorts clean remains relevant 365 days a year. It is time to finally go beyond the celebration of our environment, which is held once a year, and make it a regular part of our lives.

It doesn’t necessarily require a big investment of time or money. Drive a little less often. Adjust the thermostat to limit energy consumption. Recycle and limit the amount of waste produced.

And, for goodness sake, dispose of your trash properly. If everyone did so, there would be no particular need for spring garbage collection and highway implementation programs. Too many people are happy to throw garbage wherever they are comfortable, along highways, in open spaces and even near trails and other places where people relax.

The scourge of careless rubbish and illegal dumping continues, tarnishing the landscape of a state rightly known for its great natural beauty. Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful estimates that half a billion pieces of garbage are scattered across the state.

So at this point, when Earth Day reports are still pretty fresh in our minds, we encourage readers to dedicate themselves to their annual efforts to improve habits, especially when it comes to garbage.

There is reason for hope. Last fall, government officials announced Pennsylvania’s first Garbage Action Plan, noting that garbage scattered around our state is harmful to the environment, harmful to communities, and costly to taxpayers when government officials have to clean up the mess.

According to a 2020 study commissioned by government officials collaborating with the nonprofit organization Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful, PennDOT work teams spent more than $ 65 million between 2014 and 2018 on removing debris and debris from ditches on state roads. The agency’s annual budget for garbage disposal is about $ 14 million. If work were not needed, these funds could meet other pressing needs.

It is unfortunate that state and local governments are forced to devote their limited resources to a problem that could be so easily remedied if people simply fulfilled basic commitments. What’s so challenging about waiting to find a trash can instead of throwing trash out of the car? Does he take out his garbage for collection, instead of throwing it somewhere and making it someone else’s problem?

This message has been repeated for decades, but too many people are not listening. But we will not stop emphasizing this.

What each of us does affects others here and around the world. We are interconnected. When it comes to garbage collection, think about how important an attractive landscape is for the economic health of communities in the region. People looking for a break from the urban and suburban areas of our center are turning to greenery nearby to take a break from concrete and steel. There are high hopes that the further development of the trail along the Shuilkil River will make it a great attraction. But it will be in vain if we cannot keep the land and water clean.

The state’s Department of the Environment says 90 percent of Pennsylvania residents agree that garbage is a problem. But it is clear that not enough of us are acting accordingly.

It’s time to start doing the right things and encourage others to follow their example. Start a new routine aimed at greater awareness of environmental action. Be sure to take the time to enjoy these spring days and the beauty that comes with them.

Please note that the Pennsylvania Beautiful’s Pick Up Pennsylvania program has clean-up activities scheduled for May 21, including one along Route 41 in Chester County on May 21 and another in French Creek and on the Shuilkill River Trail in Phoenixville. Visit to learn more. Or participate in cleaning on your own schedule. This is good for you and our world.

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