Star Warehouse for Naomi Judd Memorial Music

The Naomi Judd Memorial will feature Brandi Carlisle, Ashley McBride, Little Big Town, The Gaithers, Emily Harris and Alison Russell.

Robin Roberts will head Sunday’s (15.05.22) celebration of the life of a deceased country singer who committed suicide last month, and Bona, Morgan Freeman, Oprah Winfrey, Martina McBride and Salma Hayek will pay tribute.

Daughters Naomi Wynan and Ashley will be present, and CMT producers said in a statement: “We have the sincere privilege of working with Winona and Ashley to present this living celebration of their mother Naomi’s life. While we all continue to mourn the loss of such a legendary artist , we are honored to celebrate her legacy along with the country community, her friends, family and legions of fans around the world in the perfect location: Mother Church of Country Music. , – music ».

Earlier, family and friends celebrated the life of Judd last week with a private memorial in downtown Nashville

Meanwhile, 54-year-old Ashley recently reported that 75-year-old Naomi died from a gunshot wound.

Although she acknowledged that her family was “uncomfortable” about disclosing certain information, she explained that they wanted to monitor the flow of information about her death before the autopsy was published.

Ashley said: “She used a weapon and my mother used a firearm.

“So this is information that we are very uncomfortable sharing, but we understand that we are in a situation where if we don’t say it, someone else will.”

Ashley explained that she was chosen to represent the family to discuss her mother’s death, and to highlight the importance of seeking help.

She added: “My mother knew she was seen, and she was heard in agony, and she was taken home.

“When we talk about mental illness, it’s important to be clear and distinguish between our loved one and the illness. It’s very real, and it’s a lie, it’s savagery. “


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