The Philadelphia Auto Show is back after a year break. Much has changed in the automotive industry since the last car show in early 2020. This year’s exhibition will not only show hundreds of classic, luxury and exotic cars, but also teach people what’s new in the automotive industry. The show will run from March 5 to 13 and will be held again at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

The Motor Show has been around for 125 years and is one of the most famous events in Philadelphia. “It’s fun, and there’s a bunch of fun stuff. It’s a show where everyone has something for themselves. The fact is that the show is that it provides one place for people to see almost all the vehicles they could purchase, very efficiently and fun. So instead of going from dealer to dealer, they can see everything under one roof, ”said Kevin Matsukola, executive director of the Greater Philadelphia Association of Car Dealers.

The pandemic caused a shortage of cars for various reasons. One is the lack of microchips. A microchip is needed to add computing power to cars. Microchips control everything from window motors to navigation systems. Deficit is the reason that fewer cars are produced. The second reason is that when the quarantine ended, people rushed to buy cars to avoid public transport and the coronavirus. It has become safer to drive your own car than to take public transport, which could potentially have sick people on board.

Matsukola says that because of these difficulties in the car industry, coming to the car show is now more important.

“Since the last two years we’ve gone digital and buy things online, browsing things and exploring things, it makes the show even more special and unique this year than any other year because people can literally see it, touch it to him, feel it, and due to the lack of chips dealers now do not have many cars due to low stock. So, in a sense, the only way to see a large number of these vehicles is to come to the exhibition, “he said.

This year at the motor show there is something to see, including E-Track. The E-Track will allow people to drive an electric car. Camp Jeep, where people can ride off-road jeeps, returns to the show and you can try a Toyota drive at the Toyota Drive Center. Modified cars return to Custom Alley.

The show is built to appeal to many generations, offering new, exotic and luxury cars, as well as offering a “Back In The Day Way” where vintage cars are highlighted. This allows older visitors to the show to show the younger generation how classic cars looked and felt. The car dealership is an annual tradition for some families.

“This generation!” says Matsukola, “You see grandparents with grandchildren, daughters and sons. There are relationships with Philadelphia and their showroom that are somewhat unique in support. People who come the way they use it, and the sense of pride they have, they really impact the show.

“I’m proud of this year’s exhibition and I’m proud of the city and the convention center and the producers who will be there, and obviously the visitors who come together. It’s not easy to be able to put on a 500,000-square-foot show on Omicron’s tail, ”Matsukola said.

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