State police are investigating the assassination attempt in the town of O’Hara

MAREC O’HARA (KDKA) – State police are requesting any information regarding the chase of cars and the shots that took place on Route 28 on Saturday night.

According to Pennsylvania police, they were called to area 28 of Route north before Exit 10 (Gamma Drive) just before 9pm on Saturday to report the shots.

The victim reported that they were driving on the road outside the city, and at one point noticed that a car was moving behind them.

This vehicle then drove up next to the victim’s car and pulled out a gun, causing the victim to press the brakes, causing the suspect’s car to pass the victim.

The suspect then heard several shots before their car was fired upon.

While the suspect received glass from the shelling, they did not receive gunshot wounds.

The car in question is described as a white hatchback with Alabama license plates.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Pennsylvania Kitting Police Barracks at 724-543-2011.

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