State Police Plan Sobriety Checkpoints for Remembrance Day Weekend – Daily Local

State police officers, Troop J, who are in Chester, Lancaster and York counties, will be absent all holiday weekend to keep roads safe. The holiday reporting period begins on Friday, May 27, and continues until Remembrance Day, May 30.

In addition, the Pennsylvania State Police, Avondale Barracks, will hold a sobriety checkpoint during the above-mentioned holiday season. The Sobriety Checkpoint is a road safety checkpoint where Pennsylvania military personnel systematically stop vehicles at selected locations to briefly monitor drivers for material and / or behaviors commonly associated with drivers with alcohol or drugs.

The goal of the Sobriety Checkpoint is to reduce the number of fatal accidents and serious injuries related to alcohol and drugs, and to reduce the number of DUI drivers on the Pennsylvania highway.

Pennsylvania police are committed to maintaining a safe environment for motorists. This checkpoint is designed to achieve this goal.

Finally, remember that when you approach a soldier or any other emergency personnel on the side of the road, move.

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