Stephen Curry receives a degree in sociology from Davidson College Sports

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – “Pomp and Circumstance” was played when Stephen Curry climbed the podium after training on Monday as he prepared with the “Golden State Warriors” for the Western Conference Finals.

A playful, impromptu moment to honor his new college graduate status.

Curry received a bachelor’s degree in sociology to join Davidson College in 2022, even though he couldn’t be there to attend Sunday’s entry ceremony, but watched the video.

He kept his promise to Sonya’s mother that she would receive a diploma. For the past decade, she has boasted that her two children, son Seth and daughter Sidel, have a college degree.

“It’s great to experience the spectacles and sounds of school and campus and all that,” Curry said. “It’s still a long time, obviously. Since I left campus, it has been a goal to finish. Obviously a sense of accomplishment, but a promise I made to my mom and coach (Bob) McKillop when I left after my junior year. It was quite special, they had a fat man on campus (expression) in my honor. “

This marks another important achievement that can be added to the list, which includes three NBA championships, two MVPs and a pair of scoring titles. Curry will receive her diploma later. He finished his coursework 13 years after leaving Davidson a year earlier after his junior season and then was drafted by the Warriors in seventh place.

Next up is Gary Payton II, who said Sunday that he is close to getting a degree in Oregon in a month or so.

“It simply came to my notice then. We have guys who are really conscientious about the world outside of basketball and their impact on their community. In addition, Steph is a really curious guy, he is constantly trying to broaden his horizons, and getting a college diploma was very important to him, ”said coach Steve Kerr. “I think it’s fantastic, and the same with Gary. It’s great to see the guys come back and finish. “

Curry also worked on her major during the lockout in 2011 and then re-enrolled for this spring semester.

His dissertation focused on promoting gender equality through sport, and he even did a research project on tattoos and involved his teammates who have ink by asking them about the meaning of their choices and other details such as how they relate to tattoos now.

“My guys helped me with this research project,” Curry said.

He credited half a dozen people who helped him do so, including former Professor Davidson, who is now at the California College of Santa Cruz, another Professor Davidson in collaboration with a friend at Stanford and even Davidson’s sporting director Chris Clooney.

Peyton, one of the players who contributed to the tattoo project, congratulated Curry on Sunday. Curry watched the ceremony live and was named “Wardell Stephen Curry II”.

“I told him it was huge, I can imagine great relief from his shoulders,” Peyton said. “Yes, yes, I am proud that 30 have achieved this. It took a couple of years, but it doesn’t matter if you get the paper, it’s all that matters. I am proud and excited for 30 ”.

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