Stick to the lock with a homemade popsicle Food

The solution? Make ice cream yourself!

Bonuses include family reunion and fun snack-free snacks. There is also space for creativity. You will see that these “recipes” are hardly recipes. Just instructions are to grind two or three ingredients in a food processor, pour the said mixture into some form and shove them into the freezer.

Any fruit you use can be sweet enough to avoid adding your own sweetener, so don’t feel compelled. But I used agave syrup in everything except the melon cucumber (the honey dew I bought was exceptional). You can also choose anything calorie-free, such as stevia. Just sweeten your blends where you like.

Traditional popsicle molds are fun – I have built-in tubes so you can get every drop – but I’ve supplemented the giant ice cube tray. The crooked shape makes them chunky and super cute! Tighten the plastic wrap tightly on top, cut small slits in the center of each section and insert the sticks before freezing.

Did you know that Michael’s sells chunky sticks just for such a project? I don’t either! But now I do.

I learn so much during this lockout. Blueberry mahita is just the tip of the iceberg of educational opportunities.

And if we talk about ice, then here …


Just mix each combination of ingredients in a food processor or blender. Leaving the fruit a little chunky at points like Coco-Mango or Strawberries & Cream, you will get a purely photogenic effect. It’s up to you.

Strawberries and cream: Mix fresh strawberries and standard cream.

Cucumber melon: Until we get back to the spa, this one tastes good. Mix honeydew with peeled, cut pieces. Save two slices for the eyes. Sit back and enjoy.

kaka-manga: Mix fresh mango, coconut milk (I used thick, full-fat canned food) and coconut water with flakes.

Watermelon Kiwi: Stir in watermelon, slice kiwi. Insert the kiwi slices into the molds, gluing them to the sides. Sprinkle with watermelon. Makes a beautiful presentation.

Blueberry Mosquito: Add fresh blueberries, mint leaves, white rum, agave and club soda. Mix the first four to taste – do not use too much rum, otherwise it will freeze badly – at the end add baking soda, stir before pouring into molds.

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