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LOWER MERION – “Fashion is not something that only exists in dresses. Fashion in the sky, on the street. Fashion is connected with ideas, with the way we live, with what is happening. ”

Coco Chanel’s mood is still à propos, despite the fact that decades have passed since she made a revolution in fashion.
One way to understand “what’s going on” is to create an experience for student artists and designers to showcase their fashion ideas.

Since 2007, this opportunity has been steadily evolving as an annual student fashion show and design for the teen community.

The fashion and design show, to be held on Sunday, May 22, will be held at the Bryn-Maur and Green Gazebo next to the Ludington Library.

The F&D exhibition started in May 2007 in the Bryn-Maur gazebo and Spring House, then moved to the building of the Bryn-Maur public center, after which from 2011 to 2019 there were shows at The Main Line Art Center.

On September 26, The Bryn Mawr Gazebo TLC held a preview of the products created by Caitlin May of Rednor in collaboration with Chariton’s “Singer-Songwriters Main Line” directed by Rose Weathers and Ava Grabar.

This year’s show at The Bryn Mawr Gazebo will be the best. Caitlin May is a 2022 student director who has been planning ZOOM planning sessions for the past few months.

Designers, apparel manufacturers and metal art students from various Main Line schools will model their clothes, jewelry and accessories and describe the inspiration for their work.

Radnor High School textile teacher Melanie Pereira organized for several of her students models of dresses, tops and ensembles that they sewed and designed.

Beginning at 3 p.m., there will be an opening concert by Radnor’s The Process Quartet featuring James McGovern on trumpet, Michael Marina on bass, Ethan Gutsche on drums and Kyle Leighton on guitar.

The Radnor Jazz Quartet will debut Dec. 12 at 118 North in Wayne

Next will be designers, models and special guests.

Proceeds from the event in the form of guest contributions will be donated to the Crohn’s Disease and Colitis Research Foundation “in memoriam” by Lower Marion Commissioner Ori Reed Pierce.
For information on attending or attending this free event, write to Caitlin May, instagram @ fashionmainline_ (emphasis added).

For more information: contact Mary Brown, founder of the Teen Learning Community, at In case of rain the event is postponed to Sunday, June 5th.

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