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Russia claims to have completely taken control of Mariupol

PAKROVSK, Ukraine (AP) – Russia says it has captured Mariupol, which would be its biggest victory in the war with Ukraine. The spokesman said that Russia’s defense minister had announced the “complete liberation” of the Azovstal metallurgical plant, the last stronghold of the Ukrainian resistance, and the city as a whole. The announcement came after a nearly three-month siege that turned much of the strategic port city into a smoldering ruin. More than 20,000 civilians were killed. There was no immediate confirmation from Ukraine. Russia’s state news agency quoted the ministry as saying that more than 2,400 Ukrainian fighters hiding in metallurgical plants had surrendered since Monday, including more than 500 on Friday.

A rally at the last hour pulls Wall Street out of the bear market

NEW YORK (AP) – Wall Street on Friday reached the limit of the bear market after another fall in shares for a short time led the S&P 500 more than 20% below the peak set earlier this year. The S&P 500 was down as much as 2.3% for the day before a fierce final hour of buying led to a slight increase. It ended 18.7% below its record. The tumultuous trading ended the seventh week in a row, the longest series since 2001. Rising interest rates, high inflation, the war in Ukraine and the slowdown in China’s economy are punishing stocks and raising concerns about a possible recession in the United States.

“How dare you!”: Woe, wrath from the relatives of the victims of Buffalo

BUFALA, New York (AP) – Relatives of 10 black people killed in a Buffalo supermarket are asking the nation to stand up and stop racist violence. Their agony erupted on Thursday in the tears of 12-year-old Jacques “Jack” Patterson, who lost his father. The child covered her face with her hands when the mother said, “His heart is broken.” She spoke at a press conference with human rights activist Father Al Sharpton. Earlier on Thursday, a white man accused of murder, 18-year-old Peyton Hendron, tacitly faced charges of murder in court. Authorities are investigating the possibility of exposing him to hate crimes and terrorism.

Republican Senate press releases are too close to name, probably re

HARISBURG, Pennsylvania (AP) – A primaries from Republicans in Pennsylvania to an open seat in the U.S. Senate are too close to nominate, and will likely head to a nationwide vote list to determine the winner of a televised surgeon contest. Ozam, and former hedge fund CEO David McCormick. The recount will mean that the results of the race can be known no earlier than June 8, the deadline by which counties must report their results to the state. The race is close enough to trigger the Pennsylvania Automatic Voice Count Act with a division between candidates within 0.5% of the law. The Associated Press will not announce the winner of the race until the probable list of votes is completed.

Ginny Thomas’ letters deepen her participation in the 2020 elections

WASHINGTON (AP) – Recently discovered emails show that Virginia “Ginny” Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, has been more deeply involved in baseless efforts to cancel the 2020 election than previously known. A conservative political activist has called on Republican lawmakers in Arizona after the election to choose their own voter list. She argued that the results that brought Joe Biden victory in the state were marred by fraud. The revelations were first published by The Washington Post on Friday, and the Associated Press subsequently received her emails to lawmakers demonstrating her efforts to retain then-President Donald Trump. Thomas urged them to choose “a clean slate” and “stand strongly against political and media pressure.”

Judge: Restrictions on COVID asylum should continue at the border

NEW ORLEANS (AP) – A federal judge in Louisiana is refusing to lift pandemic-related restrictions on migrants seeking asylum on the southern border. On Friday, a judge blocked President Joe Biden’s administration’s plan to lift restrictions next Monday. Migrants have been deported more than 1.9 million times since March 2020 under federal law in section 42. The regulation denies migrants the opportunity to seek asylum under U.S. law and an international treaty based on preventing the spread of COVID-19. Arizona and Louisiana cited 24 states that challenged the plan to lift the restrictions.

Biden, the leader of South Korea, to consult how to test NKorea

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – President Joe Biden is devoting his Saturday to strengthening ties with South Korea, but this could be complicated by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. White House officials say Kim may try to attract attention during Biden’s trip to Asia by ordering a nuclear test or launching a ballistic missile. White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan says the U.S. has agreed with Seoul and Tokyo on how to respond if the North conducts a test while Biden is in the region or shortly thereafter. Sullivan also called on China to use its influence to persuade the North to stop testing.

Boeing delivers the crew capsule to the space station during the tests

CAPE CANAVERAL, FL (FL) – A Boeing astronaut capsule has arrived on the International Space Station during a critical re-test flight. Only the test dummy was aboard the capsule for Friday’s docking, a huge achievement for Boeing after years of false starts. The only other time a Boeing Starliner flew into space was it never approached the station. This time the overhauled Starliner went into right orbit after launching Thursday from Florida. With the arrival of Starliner, NASA is finally realizing its long-standing efforts to obtain capsules for the crew of competing U.S. companies flying to the space station. SpaceX is already running.

A rare tornado in northern Michigan has killed 1 person and injured more than 40

Gaylord, Michigan (AP) – A rare tornado in northern Michigan that toppled a small town, killed at least one person and injured more than 40. Munson Healthcare spokesman Brian Lawson said Friday that he had no details about the man who was killed or the condition of those affected by the tornado that swept through Gaylord, a city of about 4,200 people, around 3:45 p.m. Mike Klepadla, who owns a car repair shop in Gaylord, says he and his workers hid in a bathroom and that he feels happy to be alive because it blew up the back of the building. A National Weather Service forecaster said extreme winds are unusual in this part of Michigan because the Great Lakes suck energy out of storms, especially in the spring when the lakes are very cold.

Died longtime writer, New Yorker editor Roger Angel

NEW YORK (AP) – Long-time New Yorker writer and editor Roger Angel has died. He was 101 years old. The New Yorker announced his death. Other details were not available immediately. Angel, the son of New Yorker founder Catherine White and stepson EB White, has written hundreds of essays and short stories for his 70-year career. He has also edited authors such as John Updike and Harrison Kaylar. Angel was also a recipient of the BBWAA Career Excellence Award, formerly the J.W. J. Taylor Spink, for a well-deserved contribution to the writing of baseball.

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