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This is the time of year when lawn games start coming out during the summer – a time that offers more opportunities for outdoor physical activity. Badminton is one game that takes little time to set up, and all ages can have fun.

This weekend for middle and high school kids will be a more competitive opportunity to play outside the backyard. The Badminton Championships, held at Potstown High School, will be co-hosted by Smashville USA, the Badminton Club in Potstown and the Pennsylvania Badminton Association.

Admission to the game is free, and registration is available for middle and high school children from any school, as well as for children studying at home.

“We hope to attract schoolchildren who have an interest or liking, and give them a taste of the competition and get further training in sports and train more to move to the next level,” Miller said.

Smashville USA in Potstown has been introducing children to this sport for years thanks to a grant from the American Badminton Education Foundation. Up to 1,000 children have already been given the opportunity to play on their education, and Smashville continues to expand its program by enrolling in more schools, which will expand rocket sports to even more children.

“For the past four or five years, we’ve been coming to Potstown High School to teach badminton in physical education classes,” said Eric Miller, founder and CEO of Smashville USA. “We also go to Pine Forge Academy in Potstown and Haverford High School on the main line.”

At the upcoming tournament, Miller hopes to have a large attendance of players, given the wide network they throw, inviting schools outside of Potstown, including Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Spectators are invited to visit and watch the matches from the stands.

Winners of singles, doubles and mixed doubles will receive prizes.

“We will have trophies, mugs and rackets for singles winners, and we can have a variety of small prizes such as keychains and badminton books,” he said.

Justin Baker, director of joint classes at Potstown High School, also helps spread information about the tournament, where spectators can attend and watch matches from the stands.

“We’re trying to make more noise for sports and their programs,” Baker said. “It’s a tournament to end the school year and include all the schools that participated in their program.”

Baker said Smeshville’s instructions in their physical education curriculum were well received.

“I think the kids liked it and I got good reviews from the teachers,” he said.

Baker said the sport offers something new to many children who may not have played badminton yet.

“I think it’s very helpful,” he said. “Something new can also be intriguing for a student, and they may not even know if they like it if they’ve never tried it in the first place.”

Badminton Championship

Opportunity to compete for fun and prizes!

Co-organized by Smesville USA and the Pennsylvania Badminton Association

Saturday, May 21, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (approximate end time)

Potstown High School, 600 N. Franklin Street, Pottstown

Admission is free for players (anyone in high school and high school) and spectators

For more information:

About Smashville USA

The U.S. Smashville in Potstown is a participant-run badminton facility. On Tuesdays and Thursdays they offer free classes for children. Advance booking required.

To learn more, visit: or email:

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