Sunday Super Cup / Olympics will be routine for NBC | Sports

Super Sunday turned into Super Gold Sunday for NBC.

The match next Sunday between the Los Angeles Reims and the Cincinnati Bengals will be the first time the Super Cup and the Winter Olympics will be held simultaneously. CBS was supposed to hold the game this year, but in 2019 agreed to trade with NBC. CBS held last year’s game, giving it two Super Cups in three years.

Trade made sense for many reasons. NBC has been able to combine the Super Bowl and Olympic venues for advertisers, while CBS will not worry about opposing the Olympics.

NBC Sports Group President Pete Bevacua acknowledged that holding two mega-events at the same time has logistical challenges, but the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

“We will have more than 100 million audiences for the Super Cup, and we will start the wonderful live broadcast of the Beijing Olympics. For me, this is incredible, truly unprecedented and I have never seen one or two blows before,” Bevacua said. “I think in terms of sales and marketing it’s an absolute haumran.”

NBC sold all of its seats during the game, and only a few seats remained before the game. Dan Lowinger, NBC Sports ’executive vice president of advertising sales, said rates have risen nearly 20% since the last time the Super Cup was in 2018. Approximately 30-second seats went for $ 7 million.

Lovinger counts many factors for reliable sales.

“I think the NFL has never been stronger in the first place, especially in comparative terms. If you want to reach 100 million people per night, there’s only one place you can go, and that’s the Super Cup,” he said. “I think the second is the economy, and it seems to be on a pretty stable footing. You have a lot of consumer confidence, and we’ve learned that when consumers consume, advertisers advertise.

“But the third thing that’s really interesting is the impact of COVID and how advertisers have learned to adapt to it. Marketers are finding a way through this, and we see that the categories that stood out last year are coming back, such as studios. We see new categories such as legalized sports betting, cryptocurrency and some streaming platforms, and then you have the old standby modes (cars, drinks). So, all this creates a really strong market for the Super Cup. ”

NBC executives touted it as a “one in a lifetime” day. However, this is about to become commonplace. When the NFL’s 11-year television contract begins in 2023, NBC’s place in the Super Cup rotation corresponds to the same year as the Winter Olympics.

If the league retains 17 games during the 18 weeks of the regular season, the 2026 Super Cup will take place on February 8, the first weekend of the Milan Games in Cortina.

Next Sunday, which begins at 8 a.m. ET with four hours of the Olympics, before the Super Cup program begins at 12 p.m. After the Super Cup, which is likely to take place around 10:30 p.m., NBC will return to Beijing for ice dancing and new monobob competitions (bobsleigh with one woman).

By the time NBC comes out of the Prime Plus show from Beijing, there will be almost 18 hours in a row between the Super Cup and the Olympics.

“Yes, we will be the guests of the Super Cup party that does not leave, because we will be there first and will be the last. We will leave the light for you,” – before the NBC and Super Bowl – said host Mike Tirik.

Tirika will perform double duties. He will fly from Beijing to Los Angeles for Friday’s Olympic prime time show. He will be outside the SoFi Stadium all weekend to host the Olympics and the Super Cup prelude.

This is Tirik’s third Olympics as a prime-time presenter since joining NBC in 2016 and his fourth Super Cup (the previous three were with ABC).

“They’re both dream jobs, so who needs to sleep at the moment? The only thing you want to be sure of is that you can do it right,” Tiriko said. “I think from an editorial standpoint, we’ll still be able to cover the same thing, and that should be at the forefront of this. And in a sense, I think it will help improve this unique weekend to be on the Super Bowl website.” for we are part of this build-up during our coverage of the Olympics. “

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