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Like every May, I present a selection of tips and tricks for locals on how to cope with the summer season. In 2011, the district not only welcomes the normal influx of tourists and reenactors, but we also announce the continued availability of construction equipment. There was never a better time to get around, but I declined.

So, for your enjoyment of reading, Survival Tips for 2011:

– Old but delicious – Lincoln Square is confusing to you, but is this the only way to cross the city in an east / west direction? First, we must remember that there is only one lane in the square, not two, and traffic that already bypasses the square has the courage, as do people who cross intersections.

– I will repeat my proposal from 2009 that local drivers install “aaoooo” beeps on their cars. Gurn not only sounds old-fashioned and hilarious, but also fully illustrates your frustration when you’re trying to get nowhere.

-… right. Summer will be a lot easier for all of us if you just acknowledge and accept the fact that you won’t get anywhere fast driving in the city. If you need speed, can I advise walking or cycling?

– Ghost tours are still angry, mainly because you did not follow my suggestions from previous articles? Go on a tour of the people. It’s a classic of Gettysburg College and includes dressing in sheets as “ghosts” and walking the band around town. From time to time, let your guide stop and point to the “real people” you encounter during your experience, and be sure to express your disbelief and admiration for the existence of such ghostly people. This works best in front of ghost groups. Don’t forget to keep your group within the allowed area!

– Bike Week this year has been moved to Granite Mountain, and there’s a good chance Chrome parade won’t pass through the area. That doesn’t mean you have a reason to find something else to complain about. Just enjoy the city for a while.

“… if you don’t live on West Middle Street.” In that case, you have compassion. Maybe these residents this year are best suited for a long vacation? If you can’t go on vacation, Gettysburg Rec Park and Gettysburg College offer quiet park views without the hassle of going out on the battlefield.

As always, if you have any suggestions for summer survival, send them in and I’ll be sure to include them in the next column!

Jess Haynes is the editor of the Gettysburg Times articles.

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