Sviatek enters the French Open in a row, referring to Ukraine

ROME – If during the three-month continuous series of Iggy тэwiętokrzyski there was one point that reflects why the top-ranked player became almost impossible to win, it is definitely the 19-shot rally she won against Jones Jaber in the final of the Italian Open.

This point demonstrated all the elements of Sviatek’s game, which explains why the 20-year-old Polish player is the overwhelming favorite to win his second French Open title when the Grand Slam tournament kicks off on Sunday.

After returning from a deficit of 0-40 and a collision with a fourth break point at the end of the second set of victory with a score of 6-2, 6-2, Svetek really found his rhythm. She launched two strikes, got a pass up the line – which landed on the line – and finally won it by falling from the gate.

The show featured a heavy topspin of Sviatek’s forehand, her expert coverage of the ship and fast movement, her hands and the feel of the ball near the net, and – perhaps most importantly – her attitude of never giving up, which is so important on the ground.

“I changed my attitude a bit from ‘Wow, now she’s going to break me up’ to ‘I’m going to get to every ball and play every point until the last shot,'” said Sviatek.

Perhaps even more revealing was the reaction of the Saints after she won the point: instead of celebrating, she immediately went and scored the ball from Jaber’s attempt to pass, raising a finger to the judge in the chair to show what she thought the ball came out. This thought probably crept into Svyatok’s head during the point, but she was able to divide it into parts and maintain her relentless focus on the task at hand until she raised the issue after the point was over.

“I did everything I could. I forced her to visit all corners of the court, ”Jaber said. “I know Iga plays much better when you open the court, so maybe I should have stayed more in the center and allowed her to lose a point. I don’t know. The fact is that I (got) a lot more (different) shots at this point. She deserved the victory – of course. “

Whether she deserved to win or not, no one has beaten Sviatek since the 2017 French Open champion Elena Astapenko defeated her in a tie-break in the third set on February 16th. She has won 42 of the last 43 sets in which she has participated.

If there were any questions about whether Svyatek deserved to be No. 1 in the rankings when Ash Barty abruptly resigned two months ago, that debate subsided during Svyatek’s 28-match winning streak.

The last player to win more in a row was Justin Henin, who won 32 consecutive wins in 2007 and 2008. The longest series of all time belongs to Martina Navratilova, who had 74 series in 1984.

“The yoke is the yoke,” said Jaber, who reached the final with her own 11-match winning streak. “She deserves to be here. She deserves to win in such matches. “

During the women’s final, a fan raised a sign reading “No to politics outside of tennis” – a clear reference to Wimbledon’s decision to ban players from Russia and Belarus because of the war in Ukraine.

Since the beginning of March, Sviatek has been playing with a ribbon pinned to his hat and the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

She called “quite strange” that some players have stopped wearing such tributes to Ukraine, “because there is still a war, there are people who are still suffering.”

“I will wear it until the situation improves,” Sviatek said.

According to the UN Refugee Agency, the war in Ukraine is approaching three months, with more than 6 million people fleeing the country since the invasion of Russian troops on February 24. More than half of the refugees, 3.3 million, fled to Poland.

During the trophy ceremony on Sunday, Sviatek mentioned her family at home.

“I am sure that the war affects Poland a little more,” Sviatek said. “It’s something I can’t experience with them because I travel all over Europe.”

Sviatek added that she plans to announce a new initiative related to the war.

“I definitely want to express my support for the Ukrainian people,” she said, “as every Pole does at home.”

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