TAIT has unveiled items for Fish’s recent performances at Madison Square Garden Entertainment

During a four-night performance in Madison Square Garden, rock band Phish was in his element – literally.

The band, known for their impromptu live concerts with dynamic light shows, turned the famous arena in New York into a psychedelic underwater seascape with flying dolphins and whales during their April 22 concert. Videos of drones and the accompanying light show have gone viral online.

Elements for the band’s concerts were provided by TAIT, based in Litit, and partner Rock Lititz. TAIT has provided 60 Nav lifts used to automate the Phish lighting installation, as well as some risers.

“The integration of our TAIT Navigator automation platform with the lighting system allows developers to use a wide range of static and kinetic pallets for each production,” wrote Alex Serrano, TAIT project manager, in an email.

Serrano visited Phish’s first four nights at the Garden on April 20 and says the viral reaction on social media to the band’s special “underwater” concert on April 22 speaks volumes about the level of enthusiasm and excitement of fans.

“We have a close working relationship with Phish and we are always happy and grateful when we are asked to collaborate on new moments with their creative team,” says Serrano.

Performances at Madison Square Garden were prepared for the 2021 New Year concerts that the band has postponed due to problems with COVID. When the band postponed New Year’s performances, they agreed to broadcast live in a secret place, which they called the “Ninth Cube”, which turned out to be Rock Lititz. TAIT added special lighting elements to the band’s performance at Rock Lititz.

Phish shared the official video from his performance at Rock Lititz.

TAIT also added special features to the band’s Halloween performance in 2021 in Las Vegas.

Below is Madison Square Garden, transformed into an underwater oasis during Fish’s April 22 performance.

Here are some fan reactions to the band’s recent performances at Madison Square Garden.

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