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Rising trees, warmer temperatures and greener mountains in the west always mean spring is finally here, but for South Central Pennsylvania theatergoers, these refreshing new season figures mean only one thing: the season’s opening at Totem Pole Playhouse is little more than in a month.

Six shows have been prepared for the summer season of 2011, and “Theater in the Woods” under the artistic direction of Ray Ficky ​​is looking forward to entertaining audiences of all ages.

“For the third year in a row, we’ve never done these shows at the Totem Pole Playhouse before,” Fick said from a schedule that includes three productions based on real-life stories, as well as musicals, murder mysteries and farce. .

“Hank Williams: The Lost Highway” opens the season on May 28, and Robbie Lyman as Hank Williams ’favorite country rooster. Lemon leads an asset of 10 people in the opening, which includes more than 20 classic works by Williams and leads the audience on a journey through the rise and fall of Williams, from Luzison Hayreid to the Grand Ole Oprah.

“It’s the perfect show for this area,” Ficka says of his choice to include musicals in the Totem Pole line.

Viewers can enjoy the production until June 12, and the cast and crew will be discussed after the June 10 show.

What follows is “Moonlight and Magnolias,” a comedic journey into the creation of “Gone with the Wind,” an epic film by David O. Selznick about the Civil War of the late 1930s.

Three weeks after the shooting of the classic film, Selznik stopped production due to a weak script. After Selznick stopped writing, writer Ben Hecht and director Victor Fleming closed their offices and rewrote the script in just five days. The result was a comic backstage performance by playwright Ron Hutchinson. The play stars Fick, as well as Totem Pole veterans Paris Pete of Greencastle, John Librett of Carlisle and Meredith Kay Clark, who recently finished a Broadway tour of “Evil.”

Ficca is looking forward to the production, sharing: “It’s written in the style of Neil Simon, and it’s fun!”

The performance will take place from June 14 to 26, and the post-program discussion is scheduled for June 23.

Mid-summer brings the return of mystery to the Totem Pole with “It Could Be Any One of Us” from June 28 to July 10.

“We haven’t had a secret murder for two years, so we’re returning it (to the Totem Pole) at the request of the people,” Ficka said of the play, which he advertises as a “truly unique theatrical experience.”

This thriller not only embodies the usual clues about the mystery of the murder, but the production has three possible endings. According to Fickie, the actors will not know what ending they will perform until the end of Act 1, when they play a card game that determines how the rest of the show will continue.

“It’s fun for everyone and it makes things interesting and fresh for the actors.

The post-show “It can be any of us” is scheduled for June 29.

“Suite Surrender”, a new farce, announces the return of the icons of the Totem Pole Will Lava and Catherine Blaine on the stage of Caledonia on July 12-24. First staged in January 2008 in Boca Raton, Florida, and taking place in 1942, the play focuses on the inflated egos of the Hollywood diva and major music star.

“(Shows Surrender Shows) new plays are being written that appeal to a modern audience and are performed in a classic style,” Fick says of this exciting edition of the season. Joe Warrick, director of the original production in Florida, is joining the Totem Pole Playhouse for this two-week show.

The discussion after the exhibition will take place on July 23.

Then, from July 26 to August, “Honus and Me” publishes a solid family story about Honus Wagner. 7. One of the greatest baseball players of all time, the Pittsburgh Pirates, famously withdrew his American Tobacco Company T206 baseball card from the market in the early 20th century because he objected to its resemblance being used to sell tobacco to children. Only 100 cards were sold.

In this tale, a young boy finds one of Wagner’s cards in the attic and embarks on a fascinating and fun adventure in time.

Fick sees in this performance an opportunity to reach a young audience. “We want to make our part in art,” says the artistic director about the need to form a young generation of theater audiences. “To help them and introduce young people to art, tickets for people under the age of 21 cost $ 5.” Audience participants who want to take advantage of this great offer, made possible by the sponsor F&M Trust, should mention the “Little League” when booking tickets at the box office.

The discussion after the exhibition will take place on July 29.

The regular season of Totem Pole Playhouse “Southern Crossroads” ends, which concludes the season with another musical.

The show, scheduled for August 9-21, tells the story of one band struggling with impossible chances during the Great Depression.

“It’s a newer piece, but it’s very timely,” said Fick of the show, which features favorites from the Great American Songbook and a message of hope and inspiration.

But the fun doesn’t end on August 21 at the Totem Pole. Thanks to a grant from the Franklin County Foundation, Playhouse has created a new company, The Totem Pole Players: Theater for Young Audiences, which will feature four Saturday morning performances of “Pirates and Zombies,” a musical performance for all ages. Artistic director Ray Fico considers this new company vital to the future of Totem Pole. “It is necessary for theaters to take the initiative to create a new and younger audience. This grant gives us that opportunity. We are very grateful to the foundation. “

In addition, Totem Pole presents “Elvis: Before the Cape” on June 7 at 7:30 p.m. And due to the great reception by the audience of “Late Nite Catechism” in 2010, “Late Nite Catechism III:” Till Death Do Us Part “returns to the theater, thanks to” Sisters “, after the end of the regular season on August 24-28. The public does not have to be Catholic to enjoy the “school” offered by “Sister”.

“Totem Pole Playhouse is like a carnival,” Fick says. “You buy a ticket to get into it, and there are a bunch of different attractions. We have everything little by little, and that makes us unique. ”

Tickets for this theatrical carnival of delight can be purchased at the Totem Pole Playhouse box office by calling (888) 805-7056 or
www.totempoleplayhouse.org. The theater is located in Caledonia State Park, west of the Adams County line.

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