Tec Centro aims to close the gap in achievements through free high-speed Internet access | Local news

Tec Centro West offers free high-speed Internet access to the public at 651 High St. in Lancaster.

The public can take advantage of the offer on weekdays from 1 pm to 4 pm at the Tec Centro West computer lab.

The Wi-Fi service comes with the Comcast Lift Zones program, which offers higher Internet speeds in community centers across the country for use by students and adults.

“The idea is to provide a space with access to high-speed Internet, where people can use their own tools to find work or for educational purposes,” said Marlin Barbosa, program director of Tec Centro.

Tec Centro is an initiative of the Spanish-American Civil Association, which is a major provider of bilingual education and skills training for low- and middle-income individuals. Its services reach more than 1,200 people annually, and the main services provide education and training to the unemployed, the unemployed and families living in poverty.

Barbosa said that because there are other agencies that provide children with access to online services during extracurricular programs, Tec Centro has decided to open the lift area to the wider community.

“Children are welcome, of course, but they must be 15 years of age or older or accompanied by parents if they are under 15,” Barbosa said.

In addition to free internet access, the program also offers access to hundreds of hours of educational and digital content to help users navigate online learning.

“Internet access offers Lancaster County workers a life-changing path to the skills they need to move up the economic ladder and prepare for the jobs of the future,” said Alka Patel, Comcast’s vice president of foreign and public relations. Edgestone region.

Tec Centro is developing educational partnerships across the community, using public and private funding to expand access to workforce development programs. An example of such a partnership is the Comcast Lift Zone.

“This is a powerful example of how the company is using its resources and expertise to work with Tec Centro to expand community access to our workforce development programs and their effectiveness,” Barbosa told Comcast.

According to Barbosa, Tec Centro received two grants from Comcast totaling $ 70,000 to build a computer lab with the necessary equipment to conduct classes for the community.

“It’s a really multi-functional lab,” Barbosa said. “Our plan is to offer free (English as a Second Language) and computer classes this fall.”

“Comcast has equipped Tec Centro with a lifting zone to advance its workforce program and give students and community members access to the learning and basic support needed to learn and achieve economic mobility,” Patel said.

More information about Tec Centro’s programs and services can be found at

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