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Hypothecating that if Republicans lose Pennsylvania in November this year, they will “lose the country,” U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz during a visit to western Pennsylvania on Thursday night said Senate candidate Dave McCormick would not just win the general election if he won Republican Party, but he will rule in Washington as a true conservative.

On a swing through Pennsylvania with former hedge fund CEO Cruz, a Texas senator and conservative firebrand who finished second to Donald Trump at the 2016 presidential primaries, McCormick is “the most conservative candidate who can win.” what it looks like when he supports Republican primaries across the country, he said.

“We need to support a candidate who, number one, can win – and Dave McCormick can win and he will win – but number two, we need a candidate we know they’re going to do, not just because he said it on the trail of the election campaign, but because they have all their lives to follow it, ”Cruz told more than 150 people at a warehouse in Carnegie, Alegen County.

Cruz’s state tour with McCormick was largely meant to be a reminder that while McCormick has not received approval from former President Donald Trump, he has the support of many Trump Republican supporters who say he is a true Conservative in the race.

A few days before the May 17 primaries, according to the latest polls, McCormick is in agreement with Mehmet Oz and conservative commentator Katie Barnett, and insiders say it remains someone’s race.

But it was Oz who got Trump’s support, and less than a week ago the former president came to Greensburg to assassinate his chosen candidate. Trump spent more time at the rally criticizing McCormick than praising Oz, saying that McCormick “may be a good guy, but he can’t.”

“He really wanted my support, but I couldn’t do it,” Trump said. “If anyone was 200 miles away from me, he hired them.”

Cruz, speaking in McCormick’s defense, said that when it comes to Trump, every Republican candidate leans back to beg for his worship. To really understand the difference between the candidates, look at their records, Cruz said.

The Texas senator touted McCormick’s military background and business experience and said that if elected, he would travel to Washington to fight for border security, defend the Second Amendment, stand up for servicemen and veterans and support law enforcement.

“We believe that the country is moving in the wrong direction,” McCormick told the audience. “We believe that the wakefulness and weakness we see in our institutions – which we see in our leadership – will lead us down a path where we will not recognize the great America we all love.”

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Neither Cruz nor McCormick mentioned any of the other Republican contenders by name.

Sam DeMarco, chairman of the Republican Allegheny County Committee, said McCormick’s resume was appropriate for the job, and that Republicans should not send anyone to Washington to “go there, appear on camera and throw out a soundtrack.” This week he backed McCormick.

“We are looking for someone who can lead, reach consensus and get things done on behalf of us, the people of Pennsylvania and the people of the United States,” DeMarco said.

The winner of the GOP competition, which will take place on May 17, will meet with the winner of the Democratic Championship, which includes Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Feterman, U.S. Representative Conor Lamb and Malcolm Kenyatta. In recent polls, Fetterman led.

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