The 76ers need a better tempered, healthy Embiid to fight in the East next season

Ten years ago, the Sixers were a brave outsider who knocked out the Bulls with the first seed and advanced to the second round. Tired of the early exits, the 76ers soon launched a relentlessly discussed process that gave Embid, but not much more. The Sixers aren’t going to start again, not with Embid, who is still in his prime, the Wells Fargo Center is crowded every night, and the core, which theoretically has parts that can form a contender.

Led by owners Josh Harris and Dave Blitzer, team president Daryl Mori and Rivers, can this franchise ever win the championship, at least as long as Embiid operates under a contract until the 2026-27 season?

“We’re here,” Rivers said Friday. “We got into an argument ourselves.”

Oh, Philly has a lot of controversy.

Like, why is Rivers coming back? Is Harden worth the maximum deal? Whose fault is it that Embid cannot stay healthy?

And there’s a debate that came back to life after “Heath Smokers Smokers” in Games 5 and 6: how could “The Sixers” release Jimmy Butler after the 2019 season?

“Tobias Harris over me ?!” Butler, a former 76ers guard, said when he entered the Miami locker room.

The Sixers settled into a comfortable mode with 50 wins sown in the first half of the Eastern Conference and allowed them to go as far as Embid.

“We have one of the best, if not the best, players on the planet,” Mori said. “We need to do more. We are all. ”

Harden hurts

No player next season will have to do more than Harden. The frantic excitement and all those fake beards that fans wore when the Sixers bought Harden from Brooklyn for Ben Simmons quickly disappeared. The Sixers immediately realized – and fans stared in horror at the playoffs – that Harden is no longer a three-time goal-scoring champion, former MVP Harden. Most likely, the Sixers acquired the 32-year-old downed Harden, who came out empty-handed against Heath. Harden had four turns, four baskets and didn’t score in the second half in a 6th game defeat.

“We all know he’s a very skilled player,” Mori said. “We’ll figure out how to use them.”

Mori and Rivers used the usual reservations that a full off-season program and training camp would help the Sixers better understand how to use Harden. Mori said the Sixers could thrive with Harden, “if we can unlock what he brings us.”

So here’s the hiccup. Harden has a player option of $ 47.4 million for 2022-2023, and if he takes it before July 1, he will be eligible to sign a maximum contract of almost $ 223 million for the 2026-2027 season. Harden said after Game 6 that he would do “everything necessary to help this team continue to grow”, which means he can drop his deal and agree to come back for less money. GOOD.

Mori said Harden is part of plans for next season.

“It’s been a plan since the trade,” Mori said.


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