The actress finds opportunities to be a Disney princess Entertainment

For generations, Disney princesses have fascinated us with their voices, singing to the soundtrack of our lives. This magic first comes to the Kimmel Cultural Campus when they present Disney Princess: The Concert on April 12th.

Tony nominee Susan Egan, Broadway star Ariel Jacobs, Disney Channel star Anneliese van der Paul and Broadway World winner Sidney Winters enliven the princess through a song.

Sidney Winters was born in New York but grew up in Miami. She has Chinese Jamaican / Cuban roots. Winters has an impressive resume in singing, acting and dancing. She graduated from five cities college with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts in theater, which prepared her for a career on Broadway.

Her resume includes shows such as “Jesus Christ the Superstar” with John Legend on NBC, “Musical Motown”, “Pippin” and “Hamilton”, and she played Nalu in “The Lion King”.

“I’ve been obsessed with“ The Lion King ”since it came out in 1994 when the cartoon came out. I remember how I bought my “Lion King” together with the cassette “Aladdin” for my own money and made my whole family sing together. I’ve just loved the music and history of the show for so long. But when the musical came out, I learned that Nala got her own song “Shadowland”. The actress who played Nalu, Heather Hadley, was from Trinidad. It was interesting to me. My family is from Jamaica, ”Winters said.

She continued, “This song stayed with me for a long time, and I told myself that one day I would sing this song.”

After graduating from college, she returned to New York. Her first job was a New York City Knicks dancer. The opportunity allowed her to get an agent, and that agent delivered her an audition with The Lion King.

“I auditioned for this show three times in three years, and with the third attempt in my 4th year I did it,” Winters said.

She also shared the impact of what “Disney Princess Concert” means for young girls who admire the fantasies of princesses and make them believe.

“This is a show that my mother would have staged for me as well. My mother is dedicated to Disney. She is an immigrant from Panama. She was convinced that my sister and I had a childhood, and most of that childhood went to Disney, ”she said.

One of the attractive Disney princesses is that they are tough and strong.

“Bell rescues the guy in“ Beauty and the Beast ”; Nala is saving his tribe, and Mulan is saving his country, ”Winters said. These strong images have influenced a whole new generation.

The show’s message ultimately, as Winters explains, is “a message to heal people. You enter this play with an open heart because we go with an open heart. We are strong women, Broadway stars singing music from one of America’s greatest songs. You can hear us sing these classic songs in harmony in four parts. «

For more information on how to see the princesses when they come to the Academy of Music, visit kimmelculturalcampus.org.

Visit the Sydnee Winter website for more information on the actress, visit syndeewinters.com.


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