The artist draws attention to the cases of missing black women with bright frescoes Lifestyle

CHICAGO – This is the art of purpose. Damon Lamar Reed spent the last year creating bright murals with black women and girls who have been missing from the Chicago area for decades.

One of them is Jericho Lowes, who has been missing for six years. Her relatives are still looking for and hoping.

The murals will be on display at the Cultural Center for two months.

By basing frescoes on family photographs, the artist uses bright shades and clear lines to honor women and girls who are missing.

Lowes was 20 years old when she disappeared without a trace.

“It hurts a lot,” Chantinel Howard said as she struggled to pick up the words when she saw her daughter’s mural. “I was just amazed looking at her picture there and how talented Damon was to capture her.”

Reed painted 16 missing black women and girls.

“It’s called a training lab, so I kind of give people information, inform them about the Still Search project,” he said.

Detectives from the Cook County Sheriff’s Office were at the show, handing out leaflets to many women who were still missing.

“I just want to help raise awareness,” Reed said. “Some of these cases have not been talked about for years.”

The laws disappeared on August 16, 2015.

“It just hurts,” said the mother. “Jericho has been missing for more than six years.”

She said Jericho went for a walk, which she did daily, but this time she has not returned home since.

“The more time passes, the more I feel like I won’t find her,” Howard said. “And I really don’t know where to start, look for her.”

She said recent years have been emotional roller coasters.

“Sometimes you get up, and sometimes you really go down. My heart hurts all the time,” she said.

Howard said detectives from the Sheriff’s Office and the Park Forest Police Department spoke to her in February, letting her know that the FBI is now attached.

Howard said she has not received any information about her case, but still hopes her daughter is still there.

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