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FRANCONIA – Souderton’s girls’ lacrosse team has withstood injuries, illness and, most recently, a storm with rain to keep the ship afloat.

Big Red battled through a wet and windy Friday night to win 12-6 over rival Abington in a suburban single league game without divisions on the turf at Souderton.

“If you can get over a frosty rainy day in May, survive it and play with a smile, I think that’s the most important thing,” said Big Red coach Claudia LaMarca. “We teach our girls that you can’t always control the weather, you can’t control the different things around you, but if you can play hard and play together and play with a smile, nine times out of 10, it will go your way ».

Big Red won a decisive victory, which raised their record to 8-6. Big Red – 5-2 at SOL National.

“It’s hard to play through the elements, but today’s game was good,” LaMarca said. “Abington is a really tough team and they are always here to fight.”

With six goals from Lauren Holman, Big Red increased the lead to half and led 10-2 about 15 minutes before the game.

Souderton’s pass and movement proved to be weather-resistant. Jess Burns took care of that.

“I think it was very difficult for us to win the draw. Abington did an amazing job of gaining possession. When we had the ball, we definitely had a quick break, and Jess Burns was a really great assistant for us, and she worked great finding the cuts in the middle, ”LaMarca said.

Reilly Nice scored a hat-trick, and Yasmin Hatry, Angela Borisov and Burns added a goal in the Indian team.

“Our key is possession, and if we get possession, we can score, but Abington did a fantastic job of keeping the ball away from us today,” LaMarca said.

Players Abington and Souderton shake hands after the competition on Friday, May 6, 2022. Kev Hunter, MediaNews.
Players Abington and Souderton shake hands after the competition on Friday, May 6, 2022. Kev Hunter, MediaNews.

Ghosts (5-10, 3-6 SOL American) received a pair of goals from Hailey Hamsher and Mae Chen.

Monday at 7pm on Monday at 7pm Souderton host Lower Morland at 5pm.

Souderton Area 12, Abington 6

Abington 1 5 – 6

Souderton 7 5 – 12

Abington’s transfer goals:

Souderton’s goals and assists: Jasmine Hatry 1-0, Jess Burns 1-2, Reilly Nice 3-0, Lauren Holman 6-0, Angela Borisov 1-0.

Abington’s passing goals: Avery Sullivan 1-0, Ren Castor 1-0, Mae Cheng 2-0, Hailey Hamsher 2-0.


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