“The Bad Guys” are repeated at number 1, the last misfires of Liam Nissan Entertainment

A cartoon about the robbery of DreamWorks “Bad Guys” According to the studio on Sunday, the second weekend in a row became the best film in US and Canadian cinemas, while the latest thriller by Liam Nissan suggested that the special skills of the actor may be insufficient for viewers.

The “bad guys,” distributed by Universal Pictures, earned $ 16.1 million on second-weekend ticket sales, holding up well with a drop of just 33 percent from last weekend. The film, adapted from Aaron Blaby’s children’s graphic novel, helped revive family cinema.

April’s screenings were largely dominated by Paramount Pictures’ Sonic Hedgehog 2 – which came in second with $ 11.4 million, bringing the total to $ 160.9 million – and “Bad Guys” with $ 44.4 million. two weeks.

Nissan’s latest thriller “Memory” however was largely forgotten by moviegoers. The R-rated Open Road-Briarcliffe Entertainment release was launched with a valuation of $ 3.1 million in 2,555 locations. This largely coincides with several recent films with Nissan. Over the past two years, Blacklight ($ 3.5 million debut), Honest Thief ($ 4.1 million) and The Marksman ($ 3.1 million) have opened similarly.

Nissan’s latest thriller to hit hard was the 2019 film Cold Chase, which debuted with $ 11 million and eventually grossed $ 62.6 million worldwide. But either because of oversaturation or because of poor reception (“Memory” has a 30 percent rating of “fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes), once reliable box office fees have cooled.

“Nissan’s filming before the pandemic was a success, including the successful series Taken, but now the audience is showing little interest,” wrote David A. Gross, who runs the film consulting firm FranchiseRe, in a newsletter. “Activity in the movie is improving, but ‘Memory’ as well as ‘Black Light’ and ‘Shooter’ are hitting the wall.”

“Memory”, which took eighth place, was the only new wide release in a quiet weekend in theaters before Friday’s release of Marvel’s “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.” Release of Walt Disney Co. actually starting the Hollywood summer season, the industry hopes to approach the level of a pandemic.

The studios last week delivered summer presentations at the CinemaCon industrial convention, which raised expectations for such high-budget films as “Top Gun: Maverick” and “Jurassic World Dominion.”

The brightest spot in cinemas at the moment remains “Everything everywhere and at once” which fell just 2 percent in the sixth week of release from $ 5.5 million. The film, an existential meta-global comedy of militants starring Michelle Yeo, has unusually long legs in theaters, and with sales of $ 35.5 million is still considered one of the biggest hits of indie studio A24.

According to Comscore, the alleged ticket sales in US and Canadian cinemas from Friday to Sunday.

1. “Bad Guys,” $ 16.1 million

2. “Sonic the Hedgehog 2”, $ 11.4 million

3. “Fantastic Monsters: Dumbledore’s Secrets”, $ 8.3 million

4. “North”, $ 6.3 million

5. “Everything is everywhere and at once,” $ 5.5 million

6. “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent,” $ 3.9 million

7. “Lost City,” $ 3.9 million

8. “Memory,” $ 3.1 million

9. “Father Stu,” $ 2.2 million

10. “Morbius”, $ 1.5 million

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