The beautiful Holy Redeemer Justice Shoats basketball club goes to Division II Lock Haven

The great Holy Redeemer basketball player Justice Shouts announced on Saturday that he has devoted himself to the University of Lock Haven, where he will also have the opportunity to continue his training career.

Shoats receives a full scholarship for basketball.

Shaws was one of the best guards at the Wyoming Valley Conference throughout his career and last season was selected to the second Pennsylvania Sports Writers Class 3A team. He also received his third election to the Times Leader All-WVC and second player of the year. He was a second-year POY and shared the award with Dallas guard Austin Finarelli last season.

The Scots topped the 2nd WVC Division with an average score of 20.3 and executed 82% of free throws. He finished with more than 1,500 career points, reaching the milestone in a victory over Southern Colombia in the first round of the PIAA Class 3A state playoffs. He is only the second player in the program’s 15-year history to score 1,500 points.

The redeemer took a total score of 24-5 and lost by one point in overtime in the PIAA Class 3A state semifinals.

Shoats is the PIAA Class 2A state champion in the long jump. He is the first seed in this competition and in the high jump in Monday’s 2nd Class 2A Athletics Meeting. He seeded second in the 100 run.

Shaws also returned to the football field for the first time from freshman year and led the entire WVC in receiving yards from 828 and getting a TD from 13. He finished with 43 catches, second in the number of yards in the WVC.

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