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Despite the fact that there may be several books in the world, we believe that the best stories are those that are between the pages of the passport. During this spring break, let in the sunlight as you travel around the world to some of the sunniest places in the world. Whether you decide to celebrate on the Caribbean islands or the wild plains of Africa, over the next few weeks get rid of the norm if you sit by the pool and stretch your problems with family and friends.


Embark on a flight to the homeland of reggae music, where Bob Marley once famously sang: “Let’s get together and feel good.” As one of the largest islands in the Caribbean, Jamaica has something for everyone, from lush mountains to golden sandy beaches. In Montego Bay you will find a section of resorts along the coastline, but for private access to the city’s best beach, Doctor’s Cave, you’ll have to book a room at the island’s newest “South Beach-style hotel” S. Hotel. Once you have enough sand and sun, head to the Chukchi Adventure Park, where thrill seekers can spend the day on a zipline, river tubing and ATV, riding miles of space on the best-preserved beautiful house in Jamaica, the estate of Good Hope.

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Perhaps one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia, Thailand is a favorite among western tourists for a variety of reasons. With many cities to choose from, this country is home to overgrown jungles, bustling cities and pristine white sandy beaches. While Bangkok is attracting tourists for the first time, we suggest for a while to head to the southern coast of the island. As one of the most famous islands, Ko Phi Phi definitely attracts crowds of people and is a great choice if you want to stay on the West Coast, however for spring break try to go to Samui, Phangan or Koh Tao. Koh Tao, the smallest island, attracts fewer people, boasts beautiful white sand beaches and the best diving in the country, and the two largest islands, Koh Phangan and Samui, boast luxurious accommodations and infamous full moon beach parties.

South Africa

Located on the southernmost tip of the African continent, South Africa is a vast country with a vast terrain in which different ecosystems work together in exquisite harmony. Inland, wildlife enthusiasts must prepare for the camera when embarking on a safari through the grassy plains of the Kruger National Park. At the bottom of the park, first-time visitors have the opportunity to see the Big Five and can camp in the park or find luxury accommodation in and around the area. Once you see the big five, take a flight to Cape Town, where you will be greeted by beaches with penguins, magnificent wineries in the Stellenbosch region, magnificent mountain scenery and a city that is as diverse as geography.

Costa Rica

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Pura Vida, or “simple life,” is not just a common phrase in Costa Rica, but rather a lifestyle focused on wellness, nature, and recreation. In the jungles of Costa Rica you will be able to reconnect with your wildlife in some of South America’s most exciting biospheres, hot springs, volcanoes, waterfalls, beaches and scenic sunsets. Upon arrival in San Juan, rent a car and head north to drive the waterfalls in Arenal National Park. From there you can climb the volcano and end the day with a dip in the hot springs at the Tabacon thermal spa, which are as beautiful as they are relaxing. Sit back and soak up the sun over the most picturesque, pristine beauty South America has to offer.

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With one of the “new seven wonders of the world” Peru is a country that is not only rich in culture but also in history. On the Pacific coast you will find the capital of Lima, where a well-preserved colonial center, rich food culture and pre-Colombian art are worth a long stop. After a day or two of exploring the big city, take a flight to the charming cobbled city of Cusco. From there, among the Andes mountains, you can follow the Inca Trail through the Sacred Valley, where the continent’s largest place is the pride of Inca architecture, Machu Picchu. An ancient city whose proximity to the sky and dramatic landscape make this spiritual Mecca worth a hike.


When you think of spring break, Mexico definitely comes to mind as it has long been a favorite of U.S. visitors for generations. With destinations like Cabo San Lucas, Cancun and Mexico City, you really can’t go wrong. Cancun is definitely a favorite among the crowd of spring break, however, if the all-inclusive resort is not in your style, we suggest exploring a little further the Yucatan Peninsula to the sunny oasis of Tulum. In a much more intimate setting you will find small boutique hotels and a beach town for cycling, filled with local craftsmen, restaurants, ancient ruins and white sand beaches. The ideal itinerary includes a visit to the infamous Chichen Itza, an afternoon swim in the crystal clear waters of the Grand Cenote and a day of lounging on the sun loungers on the beaches of the Nomade Hotel.

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