MINEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Is the NCAA Four Finals Tournament approaching, and is there a better way to prove that you made a trip north to Minneapolis than to take a picture of a one-of-a-kind city skyline? Look at the list of the best places to get a view of the city.

Guthrie Theater Amber Box (Yellow Room)

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(Credit: CBS)

The amber box in Guthrie provides a nearly 360-degree view of the city. From the city center northeast to the stone arch bridge, viewers have a “warm, upbeat view of Minneapolis all year round.”

Go to Guthrie Theater website plan your visit.

Stone arch bridge

(Credit: CBS)

And if we talk about the bridge with a stone arch, then the top and bottom overlook the Minneapolis from a bird’s eye view. The railway line, converted into a pedestrian bridge made of limestone and granite, spans the Mississippi River below St. Anthony Falls.

You can walk, run or bike on the bridge, and the paths leading to the river offer a unique view of the bridge.

Parking is available at 100 West River Parkway.

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Ridgeway Park Parkway

If you want to navigate outside the hustle and bustle of downtown Minneapolis, head to Ridgeway Parkway Park north of the 35W Interstate. The park is hidden between the cemetery and the hills, which overlook the city skyline.

The park is littered with benches that offer visitors a place to relax and meditate.

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Locate the park at 3109 Ridgway Parkway.

Observation deck of the Focha Tower

The Fochai Tower is one of the most famous skyscrapers in the city center. The building was conceived as a tribute to the Washington Monument and was erected in 1929. The 447-foot-tall tower observation deck on the 31st floor offers a full open view of the city below.

Tickets cost $ 10 for adults and $ 6 for children ages 4 to 14. Children under 3 years old – free.

Cafe Astra

St. Anthony of Maine Cafe Astra located on the banks of the Mississippi River. Not only can you stop at a restaurant to have a delicious meal, but you can also hear some of the best local artists from twin cities showcase on stage in an intimate dining cafe.

Sit in the restaurant’s courtyard or head out onto the cobbled streets of Maine to discover exclusive views of the city skyline. You can find Aster Café at 125 SE Main St.

Lake Bde Maka ska

Lake Bde Maca Ska (credit: CBS)

The largest lake on the chain of lakes of Minneapolis gives the opportunity to get out and wash your feet, as well as look at the city mixed with small nature. You can walk, run, bike or ride around the lake, and stop at one of the many benches or beaches to take it all in.

There is paid parking, although locals usually find on-street parking for free.

Find the pavilion at 3000 Calhoun Parkway.

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